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Hi! I’m Amy Anne. I am passionate about enjoying the process of telling stories in our scrapbooks and learning photography. Have you ever looked back at one of your scrapbook pages and wondered why you scrapbooked it? I know I have until I realized it was the story I wanted to focus on. Wonder how to take the mystery out of your camera? Me too- one step at a time. I want to share what I’ve learned through my own experiences with you in hopes that you’ll find inspiration or that something special that changes everything for you. Well, not everything, right? Just that something gives you more confidence in your own creative ability. To make my own dreams of inspiring others come true, I’ll be sharing inspiration here through the blog, newsletters, classes, and some other fun stuff yet to come.

I am teacher at heart. I started teaching as a young child. I delighted in my mom’s old teacher’s textbooks and loved using them play school. It was the start of my teaching career- one that’s spanned three decades. My teaching career though hasn’t been the most traditional. Every time I thought about going to school to teach, I could never figure out what to teach- what would hold my interest long term. To be a great teacher, you have to be truly inspired by the “what” as much as the “why.” I needed to find what God was nudging me to teach.

While I knew I wanted to teach, I had no real confidence in my own creativity. I was never good an penmanship or art in school- and my teacher’s weren’t shy about letting me know. Sure, I was imaginative. I remember loving making up stories with my grandmother. I know I get my imagination from her. She had a knack for making me feel special through her imagination- as if I was the only person in her universe in that moment. I still wonder about that fairy that lived in her basement. I remember getting praised for creative solutions at times- they just seemed logical to me. But, creativity, that was a whole other thing for years. You know we’re often told we are made in God’s likeness but no one’s quick to point out that means we have his creativity too! Next time you’re out pointing your camera around, take a look at all he created. We are all creative.

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2003. That was the year for me that so much changed for me. Okay, truth be told, in some deep dark corner, I suppose things had started to change a few years before that, but I didn’t realize how just yet. But, 2003, well that was the years two discoveries converged and I began to find myself in a new way. It was the year that we purchased our first digital camera and I cratered to the desire to scrapbook. And so, God began to set forth a path before me for this journey. Things began to click together for me- my passion for learning, my long squelched desire to be a photographer, and my need to tell stories.

Photography and Scrapbooking have:


  • Made me appreciate life
  • Given me a way to connect meaningfully with others online
  • Encouraged me to explore who I am

Some of my favorites:
It’s hard to pick my favorite layouts. Each one is such a representation of me. If you want to know me, just take a look at my scrapbook pages.

NCIS Crime Scene Royals and Rally Hats- Spontaneous Moments Show Me State Girl

A Little More About Me

I live in the small town where I met and fell in love with my husband, Cody, over 20 years ago. We each have our passions. We share common interests in music, baseball, and hockey. Mine own passions include photography, scrapbooking, art journaling, and baking. Him, well, he loves to hunt and he likes watching wrestling. The latter of which I don’t guess I’ll ever understand- but I don’t suppose he’ll understand my love of washi either. That hunting though. Well, it’s in his DNA and goes back generations in his family. It was never a part of our family growing up. Faced with either being a hunting widow (meaning a husband whose never seen), I learned to enjoy the process and take advantage of the opportunities it gives me. It means I get to spend an incredible amount of time outdoors in nature camera in hand just exploring and marveling at God’s beautiful handiwork- his creativity.

Hang out with me a while here and you’ll get to know more about me. If you want to read a little more about who I am, you can read my story here. But, really, from the colors here on the site to the stories I share on my blog, from the photography images to the scrapbook pages, Amy Anne Jenkins is me.

I want to know more about you. What do you struggle with? What are you most interested in?

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