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I like to call it the Anthologies because the full archives span what is fast approaching 10 years of blogging. To the right, you will find a search where you can search all the content here on the site. Below, you’ll find two different ways to view blog post content. The first is a tag cloud. You’ll see that I add pertinent tags to all my blog posts. This allows me to organize my content and keep the number of categories reasonable. Also, you’ll find an archive list for this blog and links to the archives for my previous blogs.


So here’s the story:

I started blogging a few years after I started scrapbooking when I added blogging abilities to the community at my first website dedicated to my interests, The Old Front Porch. My blog there was called Through the Front Door. Eventually, with the ability to build communities on blogs and social media, forums seemed to take a back seat. I decided to focus my online time to blogging and moved by blog to Reflective Snapshots. This was a time when I had taken a break from scrapbooking and really focused my creative energy on photography and my new dSLR. When I came back to scrapbooking, I found I was much more focused on the ordinary moments and details in my life. As such, Reflective Snapshots became Ordinary Details. My blogging has certainly evolved and Amy Anne Jenkins is the result of that evolution. Just as my early scrapbook pages might not be as good as they are today, those early blogs are early works. We all start somewhere. They tell my story. So, I’ve moved their archives here. There are some great stories within them.


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