When I showed Cody this, he said I should never get pulled over and have to say the alphabet backwards because I can’t even do it forwards. He might just be right (but I’m not worried about that). It was just a practice before I finished an assignment related to a class I signed up for online. (Thank goodness). It was just the alphabet in ROY G BIV. But sometimes it’s simple tasks that get us.

Mistakes Happen- It’s Okay


I’m not even embarrassed to post this. I do know my alphabet, I promise. But we all know that when you start to break down something simple like this and break the natural rhythm you’ve built over years, things get much harder. Maybe I’m not embarrassed because this was simply a lesson in acceptance that I’m not perfect- that despite the fact that I’ve spent years repeating the alphabet while filing, I couldn’t even paint it.

Painting, drawing, art on paper and canvas, well, it’s certainly not even close to second nature for me. This is something I do for fun. It’s something I’d like to be better at. So, I play. I practice. It’s not even like I take perfect photos or never mess up when scrapbooking either. We all make mistakes when we’re creating- sometimes they become happy accidents, sometimes they teach us something, and other times, it’s okay to just start over. We need to give ourselves the room to let that be okay. As soon as I get to spray paint a frame I’ve got, I’m going to be framing this in my office/art space.

Instead of embarrassing me or making me feel rather juvenile in my art, this makes me smile. It was just practice- and what is practice for if you can’t make a few mistakes along the way. Okay, did you catch that there were three? I didn’t at first.

I used this to help guide me through my actual page- which was how I started discovering missing letters. Even still, my actual page in the book was missing the W again- A “W” that I wound up adding with the help of a little gesso. (Don’t we wish we could cover up all our mistakes- But of course, someone up above does that for us.)

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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