Last week I set out on an “adventure.” Okay, you may just be wondering about those quotes. I have to admit, especially compared to some of the things we’ve done this last year, there really wasn’t anything adventurous about my little photography trip. But, it’s a simple, easy, effective creative photography trick- and in part it’s all about the attitude of adventure and play. I knew where I was going- the hardest part was simply making sure I set out on the right highway (the hazards of living at the junction of Highway 259 and Highway 59 which lead to different parts of East Texas). It was cold and I chose to play at an indoor location- the East Texas Oil Museum. I’ve been there before- several times so I knew just what I was going to be shooting. But, I chose to look at it as an adventure.

Why? Because I wanted to play. The pictures I took didn’t hold any great weight and it was a chance for me to simply practice with my camera. The word “adventure” kinda seems to lend itself to the idea that it might not work out- giving me leeway if I sucked it up. We should all give ourself that space to simply recognize we are continually learning- and that means giving us the space to fail.

Creative Photography Tricks- Have an Adventure

So, I headed out to the Oil Museum. Now, I can tell you this museum has little to do with Oil- more to do with the time that Kilgore saw the oil boom. There’s a little bit of oil stuff, but really, it’s the little village inside that’s fun to shoot- filled with antiques and scenes.

It was fun to be there just taking pictures- and this time it wasn’t too crowded. What did I learn? Hmm. . . I think the thing I worked with most is one of the display views on my camera and getting the camera level. All of these images are editing- I knew that going in to the place. I knew I’d likely have to shoot dark to get an acceptable shutter speed fast enough to shoot in dark without a tripod. I took over 350 pictures and reduced that to less than 100 (so I had a lot that I was just playing with or that just didn’t come out well.) And that number will go down as I finish editing the rest of these pictures.


Where can you go for your own photography adventure?


The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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