Monday, I mentioned that I don’t do many holiday pages. It’s just not something I like spending a bunch of time on. Mind you, holidays are often low key-ish. . . or I’m in the kitchen whipping up a big feast. There’s no little kids in my family and it’s just us adults. . . it’s a little different around here.

Christmas & More Holiday Scrapbooking Thoughts

That said. I do my Gratitude Thanksgiving Album at Thanksgiving. I suppose I am a sucker for traditions. And one year I actually managed to complete December Daily. You can see those pages here.

But other than that, this is the extent of my holiday and Christmas scrapbook pages. To be honest, there’s really no difference in these pages and what I scrapbook normally. They just all happen to be in the context of Christmas.


I mentioned be a sucker for traditions. And that means I really want to get some of those documented. Like the newer fritter tradition- which also allowed me to document some other traditions.

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas- Fritter Production

Scrapbook Journaling Reads: Albeit one of our more recent holiday traditions, it’s a good thing that this one draws the crowd into the kitchen. At times we may have three different batches cooking at one time. That’s a lot of watching to do- and a lot of waiting for them to come out to eat. It’s about the only time Jack really gets involved in the helping me cook- he’s in charge of the powder sugar. Coralyn likes to watch and she’s probably the #2 tester. Of course the #1 position of fritter tester is Uncle Gary. . . he’s responsible for trying one from each batch that comes out of the fryers. . . though I think most of the rest of us do too. Call it the pre-Christmas appetizer. It’s an epic thing in our kitchen each year. Scrapbook Supplies: Paper, Template, and Elements- Amy Anne Jenkins

Legendary Stories

Along with traditions, I love to document those “Legendary Stories” the ones that we always tell.

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas- Nine Flags Festival

Journaling Reads: I think this is the only Nine Flags picture I have from this year- at least if it’s the year I think it is. Despite the fact that I have my camera on neck in this shot. This should be the year we planned it all out so well. For years we’d watched folks park along the brick streets downtown and enjoy the parade and fireworks from their vehicles- in the area that said “No Parking After 4:00”. My parents lived just around the corner from downtown that year, so we thought we’d get up early, come downtown for a haircut and get dad to pick us up. We did not park after 4:00- it was like 8 or 9 am. That evening, we went around enjoying the festivities. We ate, we saw the living nativity, checked out the booths, and did a little antiqueing before the parade and the fireworks. When my brother got there, we headed down for the truck so we could enjoy the festivities. Only, when we got there, there was no truck to sit in. It had vanished and I remember how that stopped me in my tracks and made my brain do that strange thinking it will do when something weird like that happens. Then I realized that there were no cars parked on the side of the street. We found an officer and they finally figure out where they had towed the truck. We tried to “argue” the point that they’d never towed before. It was just our luck. We tried to enjoy the parade and fireworks but I think both of our minds was on getting our truck back. After the “fun” my brother took us to get our truck out of hawk. (OK, I admit this was the one and only time we’d ever been towed and while I’ve heard the expression, I’ve no idea who you spell “hawk”) Whew, thankfully my brother bailed us out because it was it was the weekend before pay day and we didn’t have the cash. In the end, our insurance re-imbursed us the full amount including the impound fee. Perhaps if we’d have known we’d have enjoyed the evening more and I’d have taken more pictures. Scrapbook Supplies: Amy Anne Jenkins

The Moments

I love to scrapbook the little moments. I don’t typically have much interest in documented the gifts from year to year (and most often we don’t even do gifts)- But this year, I had too much fun. . . and the story really said something about my husband and who he is- and what he’s like. And I think that’s why I chose to scrapbook this gift.

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas- The Gift

Scrapbook Journaling Reads: Christmas , December 24, 2010. Ok, truth be told, I never factor in the cost of wrapping when we set a Christmas budget. This year that budget was really low. You were getting ready to build another deer blind and I wanted you to have something more to open than a gift card. This was probably the most fun I ever had giving you a gift. . . just pure humor. I went to Lowe’s and picked up all kinds of odds and ends. I wrapped a quarter sheet of plywood and stuck things like concrete bricks, cabinet hardware, spray foam, and screws in the five gallon bucket which I also wrapped. Hard as you tried you could not even get close to a guess just what was in that package! It didn’t take a lot of money to surprise you- just lots and lots of wrapping paper. It was seriously hilarious watching you baffled by what on earth I had gotten you- what could be in a package so long and so stiff and then that other lovely wrapping job. Just another example of how we don’t have to spend a lot of money on Christmas presents. . . ‘cause it’s not about the gifts anyways. Scrapbook Supplies: Amy Anne Jenkins

And then there was this moment. . . My family and what was at the time my brother’s girlfriend’s family looking through my scrapbook albums. . . sharing a moment around the fire and the stories. Does it get any better for a scrapbooker? This is why I take the time to tell my stories.

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas- Sharing My Story

Scrapbook Journaling Reads: I’ve always loved sharing stories together as a family. Perhaps it’s what sparked my love for every day life stories. I can’t but cherish the moments like this gathered around one of my scrapbooks. Scrapbook Supplies: Template- Kitty Designs, Paper: Paislee Press, Elements: Lyndi Cullins, One Little Bird, Ali Edwards

Master of Disguise

Won’t people notice there are so many holidays missing? Nope! You can read more about how I organize my albums, but the void as some people might think of it is impossible to find in my albums. There’s no obvious way to tell- I don’t have my albums stored chronologically and I don’t have a “holidays” album. These layouts are spread out in my albums:

  • The Fritter Production: It’s stored under the cooking section of my Passions/Hobbies album.
  • The Nine Flags layout: It’s stored in the “Legendary Stories” section of my Stories album.
  • The Other two layouts- They are stored in the “Moments” section of my Stories Album.

(Eventually each section of my albums will become their own albums as I run out of room. . . so I’ll have a whole album of Moments- and potentially two albums of Moments- Volume 1 and Volume 2)

Scrapbook Idea: Store your layouts in a way that makes sense for the things you scrapbook. Find out more about how I organize my layouts here.

Use the Pictures in New Ways

Holidays, of course, often make their way into my other pages as well. A number of the pictures in the layout below are from holidays in the kitchen- both of me as a little girl and adult.

Scrapbook Idea: Christmas and Holiday pictures aren’t just for Christmas pages. Often you can use those pictures to tell other stories. Look for new ways to use those pictures.

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas- Other Uses- Cooking

Journaling Reads: Gosh it’s cool to see all these pictures together. So many emotions. A reminder of how I’ve passed down learning to cook from on top the kitchen counter. Me, learning to cook. Me, sharing how to cook. Grandma’s recipes. Mom’s recipes. My own specialities. A few cooking adventures. All the gatherings and family. The moments shared in the kitchen. The smiles and the love. So much of my life happens here- in the kitchen.I look at these pictures and I think- this is me. I feel at home in the kitchen. Although, you’ll always here me say “I don’t know how this will turn out”. . . . something passed down to me by my grandmother and my mom. Yet, I’m a pretty confident cook. This is my space- the place where I’m in my element. Supplies: Template (with Twill and word art) Ali Edwards, Big Picture Classes Yesterday & Today class, Papers Paislee Press You Are Here

How about you?

It is perfectly fine if you do a lot more holiday layouts- if you enjoy them. For me, there’s just not much there to scrapbook that means more to me than other stories I can tell. In part it’s about how I prioritize the stories I really want to tell and my limited time to scrapbook- and in part because I guess the best moments in my life, the thing I really want to scrapbook, are usually a part of every day ordinary life.

Do you do many Christmas and Holiday layouts? Do you enjoy it? 

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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