I’d imagine some of you are looking for love with Valentine’s days gifts. Scrapbook pages filled with our love are probably some of the best gifts we can give to our loved ones. One of the things that I love about scrapbooking is that it helps us appreciate it all- the small things, the big things, and everything in between. . . . even that odd look we get when trying to explain encaustics. (Okay, maybe you don’t get that look- but I sure got it this weekend.) It’s through that appreciation that scrapbooking has made my marriage stronger.

Love Scrapbook Ideas- Appreciating it All

I thought I would share some of my pages simply appreciating my husband and our life with you today in hopes it will spark some ideas for you. But, the truth is, only you know those special things in your life. I have to be honest these are some of my favorite pages to do. I love telling the other stories as well, but those don’t give me the same high afterwards. And these are the ones that start to make me start to really notice the small things.

There’s a couple of ways to go about it. . . and I have a preferred method though I’ve done both.

So, here’s method 1: A portrait and then in general what you appreciate.

Love Scrapbook Ideas- W10S3

Journaling reads: Words can never express my gratitude for every second I get with you in my life. Life would be nothing without you. I know we promised to go on if we ever lost each other, but I can’t imagine what life would be like without you. I love the way you put me first, you make me smile, you help me around the house, you inspire and encourage me, the way you smell, those baby blues- there’s just never enough space to list all the ways I love you.

What would I change about this layout: That journaling font. . . I don’t use it anymore because it’s hard for my husband to read. And what’s the point in doing these pages if using the fun fonts means he can’t read my sentiments.

Yeah, this page says a lot. But you know what? It’s not favorite layout appreciating my husband- by far. In fact, it’s not even my favorite with this same design.

Scrapbook Tip: Use the same design more than once. If you love the design go for it. You’ll see I do this a lot. In this case, I could fill a whole album with this design. It would make a pretty cool 6X8 mini album.

Love Scrapbook Ideas- Styrofoam Fairy

Journaling Reads: The Styrofoam cup fairy doesn’t look like a fairy- he’s actually a particular very manly sexy husband that I know who certainly doesn’t act like a fairy but who does so many little things that I take for granted. On this day, I took a moment to appreciate the little things he does for me. He was already gone for work and I didn’t want to forget to thank him. So, I left the fairy a note. I hope to do this sort of thing much more often. Oh I love them- the fairy and the husband. Supplies: Template: Cathy Zielske, Papers: Gina Cabrera, Amy Anne Jenkins

Which one do you like better?

For me, I’ve found that I really love the pages that get really specific- that give examples of the things I appreciate- especially the little things that are so easily left unnoticed.

Another way to share your love in a scrapbook layout: Get specific. Use those little moments and those little things to really say how much you love them.

It’s why this layout is one of my favorites- And I honestly think that I noticed it enough to really thank him for it because of scrapbooking- and why I stopped to take a picture.

Love Scrapbook Ideas- It's the Little Things- Ketchup

Journaling Reads: I never used to eat the french fries at Chic-Fil-A but then I started stealing your french fries after you added perfectly placed lines of ketchup. Then I started eating my own and we’d share a ketch up packet.When Heinz came out with their new packets, I would often think how cool and innovative as you would open them. At some point, I started getting  my own. I don’t know if it started while eating with the troopers or I just wanted my fries before you ate them. The only problem is, I can’t seem to get these packages open. You and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Then, the other day, I got ready to eat my fries and there was a ketchup packet right next to my fries already opened. I wish I could say I always notice these sweet little things that you do, the ways you anticipate my days, and make my day better. But, I know these moments I want to remember pass me by too often.

(And don’t get me started on the incident this weekend when I ate almost all of his french fries on the way home. . . Right darling?)

What’s the simplest, smallest of things that your beloved does that make life easier?

I have so many layouts just appreciating the love of my life. Gosh, I love my husband. And these layouts help me remember that- even when he’s driving me nuts, the things he does that annoy me are screaming at me, or he’s just plum in a bad mood. I can stop and remember these times and I suppose I can put up with him for a little longer. Marriage is never perfect, but it sure can be so good when we simply appreciate what we have.

Love Scrapbook Ideas: Delight in Life Skipping Rocks

Journaling Reads: I love special moments that seem to be stolen from time. We had an unusually cool August day and decided to go for on the Lanana Creek trail. I hadn’t taken pics in a while and took the camera with me. I’m so glad I did- not because I took any great pictures but rather because we were able to capture this perfect stolen moment. I’m not even sure where along the creek we found this spot- a spot we didn’t know at the time was there. Can there be anything better than time together spent skipping rocks? I honestly don’t think it gets any better than this. Template: Polly&Rufus Fortunate (Daily Digi), Papers Vert (Polka Dot Plum), Staple Joanne Brisbois (OScraps), Safety Pin Fei-Fei (OScraps), Tag created by me inspired by Ali Edwards, Stitched Circles Lyndie (Polka Dot Plum)

What’s one of the things you do together that you’ve always done together? 

Skipping rocks has always been one of those things for us.

Love Scrapbook Ideas- This and That Picture Wait

Journaling Reads: You are the most patient man I know. Okay, maybe not always. You do have a tendency to blow your stack sometimes. But, I don’t know many men who would take time out of their days at the deer lease like you do just so I can take pictures. Whether you are karate chopping a tree branch, skateboarding on some trash you found, playing on your cell phone, or just sitting waiting for me, I know I can count on you to give me the time to snap away. It makes me love coming to the deer lease but even more so reminds me just why I love you so. It’s always appreciated. It’s always you. Supplies: Amy Anne Jenkins, One Little Bird

I shared this page and template with you a while ago with some ideas for using this design. You can download the digital template or sketch here.

Fill in the blank: You are always so patient when _____________.

Trust me, patience isn’t really his thing. . . except when it comes to me. Just watch him in line at Walmart. LOL- Speaking of patience. . . he didn’t have much patience waiting at Ikea . . .

Love Scrapbook Ideas- Love Period

Journaling Reads: I’d have to be a fool not to. Who wouldn’t love this man? He spent days listening to me carry on about what I wanted to purchase on our trip to Ikea. He listened and planned with me- helping me make sure things would fit in our new apartment- nixing things that wouldn’t work and supporting my wants. He drove to Houston to go to Ikea- not exactly what any husband wants to do. He spent hours in there as we looked at the things we’d decided on and things we weren’t as sure about. He helped me figure out plan “B” when we discovered some of the items were just too small. He let me wander other areas just so I could see all the things they had. He waited and waited and waited and waited for them to get our stuff so we could load it all up. He filled the truck- and I mean filled the truck, the back seat and the bed of the truck- so much so that even the Ford seemed to be squatted. He drove out of Houston with one very heavy truck through the traffic. He made the trip fun- we talked about all kinds of things- and he even kept his cool the entire time. Then, he put all the stuff together- without any real complaint. Trying so hard to get it done before going out of town. Coming home and finishing- including putting shelves in some really hard to reach areas of our new home.Yeah, I love him for all those things. But, what I really love about this man. . . He knows me. He knew as we drove down there that he’d dare not change the channel when a John Denver came on. What can I say? I love to listen to John Denver. I’m transported back to road trips I’ve taken all my life through the Heartland, I can see the Arbuckle mountains, wheat fields, and Kansas City whenever I hear his songs. Instead of changing the channel, he just sang along.  Supplies: Cathy Zielske, American Crafts- Amy Tangerine and Pebbles, One Little Bird

How do you know when your “old man” really knows you?

I love the layout above. I love that it tells the tale of this trip to Ikea and where we were at the time. But, I remember laughing when my husband said he knew not to change the channel when John Denver came on (because I was so surprised he didn’t.)

Scrapbook Page Idea: We’re about to move out of this same apartment. We need to capture these chapters of our lives. There are so many ways we can do that. This layout captures those joys and some of the excitement of moving and making a place our own. It captures that durn alcove that is so weird in this apartment- one I really won’t miss though I’ve no idea where I’m going to stash all the stuff in there.

Love Scrapbook Ideas- You Make Me Smile Every Day

Journaling Reads: You have the knack. You find ways to bring little things in our lives into little jokes. This time it was “How to Eat Fried Worms”. Today it was the “so gnarly” lyrics turned “so early”. Every day it happens at least once. You find some little thing to turn into a smile and a laugh. I love the sunshine you bring into my life in these little expected unexpected moments. Wait for it. There’s another one coming around the corner. I’m sure you’ll make me smile soon. Supplies: template Cathy Z, papers Crystal Wilkerson and Reflective Scrapbooking

What does your husband or boyfriend have a knack for? How do they make you smile?

I love this layout. It uses concert and specific ways he’s made me smile- gosh “So Gnarly” I’m gonna miss Jackson Hood playing out there in right field. . . and seeing what walk-up song he’ll have this time. But, it mixes those specifics with the thing I know will be true today, tomorrow, and all the rest of my days with him- he’s gonna do something silly to make me smile & laugh.

You could certainly do a mini album with these sentiments filled with moments and the things you appreciate. I don’t do mini-albums- they just aren’t my thing. So these pages are in my albums- and I love when Cody gets to reading them. I have sections for All about Cody and Me & Him, but some of these are spread out throughout my albums- a sprinkling of love throughout the chapters and stories of our life.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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