Wednesday I mentioned that the pictures aren’t necessarily the story- that really the two things are separate. One of the ways we begin to see that is when we keep a list of pages that we want to create- a list created without looking at our photos and regardless of what photos we have. To actually make those pages happen, we need someway to organize that. Today, I’ll share my method for organizing for pages.

Organizing Scrapbook Ideas for Pages- The Tale of Two Lists

When the ideas start coming to you, you need a way to organize them. I know it’s pop country and it’s not something I listen to all that much, but have you heard Jason Aldean’s “Tattoos on this Town”? It’s a song of memories that driving around town bring up. . . and I’ve wanted to do a layout inspired by it for years now (and just haven’t gone out to get the pictures for it yet.). I was reminded of this story yet again as my husband started reminiscing about the days he lived not far from the Cotton Patch in town- the “dungeon” as we all called it.

Organizing Scrapbook Ideas for Pages

But what do you do when you are listening to the radio and some idea hits you? Or you’re having a conversation with a friend and a page idea strikes you? Or you realize that you always throw a tantrum in the mud and need to scrapbook it? Oh, that hasn’t happened to you. It did me.

You’ve got to record those ideas somewhere before they get lost.

I recommend having two lists- two places you can go and find all your ideas for these types of layouts. (And then of course there is all the photos which hold ideas).

Why two lists? Well, most of us need a place to jot things down. But, most of us, don’t always have said place with us. It’s a case of paper vs digital.

Paper vs Digital Paper & Digital

1) My Planner

This is where I keep ideas handwritten down. Generally, if I’m home, or sitting in a waiting area, this is where my ideas get written down. When I end up with ideas on separate pieces of paper, I transfer them all to this planner so that I don’t lose them anywhere. This is where where when I start to scrapbook a page, I often add notes about what I want to do or sketch out a design idea. It’s also where I let ideas percolate- I might have a story in mind that I’m building. Above this “Canadian” layout idea is a story about what all our former truck saw in all its 100,000+ miles- I add to the list of things from time to time and one day I’ll finally scrapbook that story (when some idea of how to organize it all comes to mind, I’m sure).

Organizing Scrapbook Ideas for Pages

2) My Phone

Because it’s always with me, this makes a handy dandy place to keep story ideas. I use an app called AwesomeNote that links to Evernote (you could use Evernote directly of course or any other note taking app). I like that I can attach pictures- so say I’m oh Target and my husband does something silly- I can snap the picture if I haven’t taken it, then attach it to a note and include a quick note about what I want to remember. Or while standing in line at Walmart, I can let my mind wander to page ideas and things I want to scrapbook and note them in my phone.

Organizing Scrapbook Ideas for Pages

Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas

I use these two lists together- the idea for Tattoos on this Town is actually in both places. . . It’s really a layout I want to do. What are some of the other ideas I have for pages?

  • The Body Count on My Phone- I have all these great story telling songs and in quite a few of them, someone winds up dead. There’s Ryan Bingham’s “Hallelujah”, Fred Eaglesmith’s “Katie”, and Chris Knights, “Down the River” just to name a few. So, using the idea of “Body count” I want to share the story of some of the music I listen to. The idea hit me one day- and these days when I come across another one of these types of songs, I’ll say, “well the body count just went up.”
  • The Lucero Influence- Hmm, you might have heard me mention them before. . . . And yes, I’ll be seeing them and Ryan Bingham all week- so get ready for more talk of Lucero next week. But, I really think I want to do a mini album with some of this.
  • The year of letters for Christmas- One of those stories of when you are so broke yet something so good comes of that. We only gave each other letters one Christmas and I really want to tell that story.
  • “Twix Moments”- That commercial has made it’s way into our lives as my husband often needs a “Twix Moment” rather than answering wrong.
  • The idea that I’m the sum of parents and my grandparents
  • Baseball Cards- There’s a few we have that have stories. . . Like Craig Biggio’s Triple A card that I might have had to have back then. And stories I can tell around those- like calling Craig Biggio’s first home run.
  • Keep Austin Weird- I’m scheduling this post for after we visit Austin, but I can guarantee you that by the time you read this Cody or I will have said this at least 5 times and I’d be willing to bet 10 times.
  • Weird Things I Wonder- Like who thought of putting styrofoam cups on chainlink fence to spell things- I mean really, who was the person that first thought of that- Hmm, let me put this styrofoam cup here and that one there.
  • Me Vs Him- The dishwashing loading. We do this so differently and you can always tell who loaded it.

It’s hodge podge of strange story ideas- things that have meaning to me that I might not have pictures for yet and things that I just think would be cool to scrapbook. Will they all get scrapbooked? Probably not- some I’ll never find the time or full inspiration for and others will fall on the editing floor. My lists are a brainstorm- a safe place where I can list whatever comes to mind.

What stories are on your list? How do you keep up with the stories so that you don’t lose those ideas?


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