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Simple Scrapbook Ideas- Route 66 Reflections

Scrapbook Journaling Reads: We love spending time in the Plaza. the Plaza in lights is just as amazing as I remembered from my childhood. The Raphael was a great place to stay allowing us to just stay put there in the Plaza. We walked to the art museum where Cody was amazed by sights outside. The thick ice they broke up in the bond/fountain and then the Badminton Birdies he just had to touch. Geese are amazing. We looked out over the fields from Joplin to Kansas City in amazement at the sheer numbers. Then, we got to watch them flying at eye level outside of our hotel room. It was so delightful to see them in mass like that. It’s fun to just stop somewhere advertised in all the roadside billboards. We ate at Smith’s and had pork tenderloin sandwiches that were really good. My biggest memory stopping here was Cody shooting his straw wrapper right down my shirt. I laughed and cried so hard- I was so embarrassed. The Bass Pro in Springfield was all hype and just did not deliver. I think back when they weren’t everywhere, it probably was something more special. But for us, it just seemed like more of the same old thing. We were glad when we settled in for the night to just order in Pizza. Springfield began our epic Route 66 trip. Even though we stayed in a new hotel, we were reminded how much hotels and times have changed after seeing just a few sights. We instantly fell in love with all the old signs and buildings. We began to see that we were going to enjoy stepping back in time. I don’t think we ever expected we would just stop so many places and take pictures. We found ourselves stopping all the time checking out various landmarks along Route 66. While the drive was slower, it was nice that the trip had a slower pace. We really wanted to eat at the Ku-Ku Burger but we didn’t go by there at meal time. There were a lot of other places that were closed when we went by. I don’t think we’d have ever made it as far as we did if they’d been open. Route 66 made us into a different kind of tourist. We stayed one of the mom & pop stores. We did the things tourist do. Taking pictures of us in front of things and other giant things. We left a camera with return postage at the Blue Whale (and got it back with interesting pictures). We were mesmerized by the energy of the old man that gave us the history of the round barn. We also learned a lot about how to deal with each other when we got lost along the way. One of the things I wanted to do was meet my online friend Debbie west of Oklahoma City. Cody drove all night from Oklahoma City to Elk City so we could meet her and I loved every second of visiting with her as we wandered the museum. I didn’t love the truck picking up a leak that meant trouble- thankfully we found a dealership that could work on it several hours away. We still love Turner Falls but we headed on after that to Dallas. We had a hockey game to see. We loved the camaraderie of the Sabres there in the Stars Arena. We won!

I shared this page with you as part of my travel scrapbook ideas and how I tame the world of scrapbooking the trips that we take. Today, I thought I’d break this layout down into small ideas for creating a summary of your trip.

Simple Scrapbook Ideas:

  • Gather photos to create harmony in the page and to bring order to the page. This layout has 19 photos- without some sort of order, the eye would be going all over the page.
  • Try to have your pictures leading into the layout. For example, the top picture of the left page- my husband and I are facing into the layout. The point and angle of the Route 66 is pointing into the layout. As you add photos try to see which way they lead your eye- ultimately, you want the eye to make circles around the page.
  • Another thing I love about this design is that it allows me to bookend my journaling- unifying it with the rest of the design with the pictures on either side of it.
  • If you are using a digital scrapbook template or a sketch, don’t be afraid to replace locations of photos with a larger photo or patterned paper. In this case, I have the title in one of the photo areas.
  • This layout has 10 reflections on this trip. Having some order to the journaling makes it easier to understand when you are reading it, but it also gives me a way to organize my thoughts- a pattern I can follow.
  • Use tags and other small elements that you can add text to (in this case circles) in order to add a few facts- freeing up journaling space and still allowing you to include little details.
  • When you have to deal with a limited space and your journaling doesn’t seem to fit, write the journaling all out first. Then, see if you can make it fit. If not, then begin to edit it down trying to see what you can take out without altering the story. If all else fails, you can add a page for journaling (in this case maybe a 6X12 with journaling on one side and more pictures on the other) or simply make the journaling space bigger. The story and the journaling should always come before the “perfect” design. You might imagine, reading and seeing my layouts, this is a battle I often wage.

You can find more scrapbook journaling tips here.

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