Here’s a secret everyone should know- a part of the scrapbook how to arsenal that’s not often really talked about. We talk about all the stuff but how often do we really talk about what should truly be on the page- or really what the page is all about- and whether we enjoy scrapbooking that topic. It was a scrapbooking stumbling block for me for a few years and we may just be talking about one of your own stumbling blocks.

Scrapbook How To Arsenal: Secrets to Enjoying It

What topics do you enjoy capturing on your pages? Take a few minutes to think about it today. Maybe it’s while other’s are still chatting about the Super Bowl, or while you’re in the carpool line. Better yet, sit down with one of your scrapbook albums or go through images on your computer. Take stock of what you enjoy- which stories draw you in. Which ones feel like chores?

Amongst my Story Motivated Scrapbooking rules, this one is at the top:

Scrapbook what inspires you.

It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? But yet it always gets convoluted.

For me, it was the pressure to feel like I had to scrapbook trips, and birthday parties, and holidays. It didn’t really inspire me. But that’s what was in the magazines and every where you looked. I think no matter how independent and self assured we are, we all fall prey to thinking it supposed to be a certain way. It was at a time when I was trying to find my way. I wasn’t satisfied with my own layouts. I knew I was on to something- I loved the process of creating the pages, but when I looked at my pages, they just didn’t really speak to me.

Just for fun, today I’ll peel back the layers and let you take a peek at some of them- some of my REALLY old layouts.

I took this picture one Nine Flags Festival (a Christmas Time festival here in Nac. . . this was back when it was really good too.) You know last week I talked about journaling- this one doesn’t even tell the story of how good it was- how we enjoyed the weekend. Or anything! I hate that when I go back to look at these. But hey, they said add a quote and a picture, use a plaid, and that’s what I did.

Scrapbook How To Loving Your Pages- Everyday

I also often had this feeling like “well, I’ve got these pictures I’ve got to scrapbook them.” Do you have that feeling?

Scrapbook Tip: Don’t let the fact that you have the pictures be the reason you scrapbook them.

Scrapbook How To Loving Your Pages- Spiffy Suits

It’s interesting that Cody’s family is featured in several of these- we’re going to see them and I’m looking forward to watching for the moments I want to scrapbook as they all hang out. That’s Cody and Clint above and these pictures below are from the Christmas we spent with his Aunt & Uncle and the clan. I had to scrapbook Christmas, right?

Wrong: I wish I’d used the time to capture the things I want to remember from this trip. Many of those memories just aren’t that fresh now.

Scrapbook How To Loving Your Pages- Christmas

This layout. Classify in that “I’ve got the pictures” category. I love these pictures. And this layout was actually published by Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. Here’s the thing- I love the pictures with or without the rest of the scrapbook page- they are just as great in the scans from Cody’s grandfather’s album as they are on this page. The thing is I can’t tell this story. I know very little about it- I know he was there (the census records also prove that) and I have an idea why. But, I don’t know what his memories were. How I wish he’d written more than names, years, and places on these photos- I want to know the story. But it’s his story- I can’t tell it.

Scrapbook How To Loving Your Pages- Arizona

This one is getting better- It’s really the in-between- beginning to tell my story. And in part, I think beginning to find my way to scrapbook vacation pictures- taking just the things I love about the trip that I want to remember.

Scrapbook How To Loving Your Pages- Baseball

Get Bold- Scrapbook What You Want

It was when I got “bold” and realized I could scrapbook what I want that things began to change. And then, I came across Cathy Zielske’s first book- I started reading it when we got in the car at Hobby Lobby and didn’t put it down until I finished it- in part it solidified for me what I was missing. I needed to scrapbook different things.

Here’s where the dated pages begin to become real keepers. They begin to tell the story I wanted to tell.

Scrapbook How To Loving Your Pages- Jack

Just an ordinary moment at the zoo. But, you know what I quickly learned. Visits from my nephew weren’t really where it was at either. A few of those moments, yes. But it was in telling my story that it really began to solidify. This was before I found my stride in journaling.

Scrapbook How To Arsenal Secret: Strive to tell your story within whatever it is that you are inspired to tell.

Scrapbook How To Loving Your Pages- A Hunter Walks

This, I think, was one of the major layouts that locked things into focus for me. It’s just an absolutely insanely every day moment. We had stopped at a roadside park and I wanted a picture of my husband. . .  and he was, well, he was my husband, the nut. I love that the journaling tells it like it is- that sometimes I want to wring his neck.

Scrapbook How To Loving Your Pages- Only You

Besides moments like that, I began to tell the stories that really tell our story- of me and him and our love.

Scrapbook How To Loving Your Pages- 10 yrs

Letting go of what I was supposed to scrapbook, I began to scrapbook what I wanted- including the stories of the past that I really wanted to capture- like the story of this hat and how a good friend of ours and I talked my husband into wearing it across the college campus during finals. . . and then lagged behind him laughing the entire way as we watched people.

Scrapbook How To Loving Your Pages- Deer Hat

Let’s face it- Scrapbooking, like anything else in life, is a journey in finding your own way.

The thing is, it’s perfectly fine to scrapbook the holidays, vacations, birthday’s if you want to. But you don’t have to! It’s perfectly fine to scrapbook little moments and the every day stuff if you want to. But you don’t have to! What you have to do is scrapbook what inspires you! That’s the scrapbook how to tip that’s rarely really ever shared.

When you stop scrapbooking for any other reason and simply scrapbook what you are inspired to do, amazing things happen. Your pages begin to show the matters of your heart. Your pages will thank you for it. Your family will thank you for it. You will thank yourself for it. You fall in love with your pages. You fall in love with this hobby all over again.

What topics are your favorites to scrapbook?

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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