Within every story, there is another story. Today, I’m going to be sharing one of my biggest tips for scrapbooking. It started as a way to generate ideas, but it’s really become so much more. A great way to capture my scrapbook story.

Scrapbook Journaling Ideas: Find 5 Stories in a Scrapbook Story

So, here’s the simple exercise. Pull out a picture you want to scrapbook or look at the page you are working on. I start to think like this each time I pick a story to scrapbook and work on a page. (Though it’s also a part of how I narrow down thescrapbook story from just some cool pictures as I prioritize the pictures I’ll scrapbook.)

What stores are within that story? Can you name at least 5?

Here’s an example:


I could list probably at least 20 here. It’s just Cody looking out the 60th floor of the Chase Tower in Houston. Right? Yeah. Technically. And yes, this one was one that had a story within a story to begin with- it did as the moment unfolded. This was the sharing a bit of my childhood with him- this was the building dad worked in for nearly all my childhood days.

Stories Within this Story-

  • Taking my husband through the tunnels to get there. How I kinda went into auto-pilot as we got near the building despite Woolworth’s no longer being underneath it. How Dad used to take us through the tunnels.
  • Wishing we could go to Foley’s. I could tell the story of the big Foley’s and how cool it was when we went there. I could tell the story of when mom and I rode the bus to meet dad and went to Benihana’s- only the weather had changed on us and we had to go shopping at the big downtown Foley’s. (I could lament that Foley’s is no more- nor Joske’s- or nothing is the same anymore- except that you can get on the 60th floor of this building.)
  • How I’ve been to the Top floor of this building which they no longer allow (or at least there was a time period they no longer allow it. It’s the tallest building, 75 floors, in Houston.) As a kid, I always compared things to my brother’s toys- from up there, things look more like a matchbook car but down on the 13th floor they looked like his larger scale cars.
  • How Dad worked on the 13th floor for a while. (Yes this building, and every single building folks, has a 13th floor). Not only did he work on the 13th, but he was in office 13th. And dad loved it on Friday the 13th.
  • The story of my dad’s occupation working on computers. . . and where I get my computer savvy from. Or the story of how much computers have changed since then. Up there on those very top floors were the ginormous mainframes back in the day and now, we have more power in our cell phones.


Here’s another picture of Cody. In the big city- but this time the Big “D” (well I think we might have actually been in Frisco at this point but whatever.) He’s watching a hockey fight on his phone while I tried on some shoes.

Stories within this Story

  • The dichotomy of Baseball vs. Hockey- We went to Frisco to see Hunter Dozier play- but were watching a whale of a hockey fight in the department store.
  • How you learn little tricks when you don’t know much about where you are- when you are starving and don’t really care what you eat- and don’t want to think to much- find the mall. It has a food court and you can all get what you want.
  • Shoe Love? Right? Always. But also big city shopping. . . something I don’t get to do much.
  • How his cell phone entertains him as he waits for me. . . . and in this case loudly proclaims him watching something people would really wonder about. Back to the whole Hockey thing- we might be where there is an NHL team, but I’m sure there were quite a few who had no clue about hockey. This is Texas after all.
  • His outfit- Until he got this hat at a Lucero show, the only hat he ever wore out in 20 years that I’ve known him was a King Ranch hat of some sort. It’s part of his South Texas roots. But, now this is the one he grabs (despite having King Ranch camo hats still with the tag on them- we stocked up on them last time we went to the saddle shop). And of course, he had to wear his SFA shirt to the game- because Dozier went to SFA. And his shoes are actually tied- what? I can’t believe it- that man goes everywhere without tying his shoes- and drives me nuts!

And writing this, I start to think about the things we visit the big city for- baseball/hockey, shopping, and concerts.

How to do I use this exercise to tell my scrapbook story?


Journaling reads: It’s just the recipe on the Nestle Chocolate Chip Bag- the one with equal amounts of brown and regular sugar. I don’t really follow the directions- I skip the use of a second bowl. But, everyone loves them. I find it so hard to take the compliment- I usually exclaim that it’s just the recipe on the bag. That’s a trait passed down from my Grandma Floyd- the need to tell everyone you don’t know how they’ll be and then never wanting to accept a compliment. JW will complain if there’s not milk. Bennie will drink them with beer. Tom told me it’s illegal to not bring them to the office Christmas party- when a Texas Ranger tells you that, I suppose you better listen. He even sent a thank-you card the last time I made them. Billy will work for free, but he will also do just about anything I need done around the house for cookies. Speaking of Billy, I’ll be training his girls to make them just as I did Jack- I’ve already started with Amy Lynn. Jack would eat the entire container of brown sugar if you don’t watch him. Amy Lynn, I learned, like to lick the flour off her hands. We have one rule- a mess is more than ok- it’s a must in my kitchen. For me, I love to bake and be in the kitchen. I like to eat my cookies hot- in fact, I’ll eat the edges off them, so I can get to the hot gooey center. I’ll freeze them if I keep them for myself. But, it’s a joy make them to send to others. I get to bake something I’m so comfortable making them and then get to spread a little sunshine to someone else’s day.
Supplies: Che Yang, Karen Lewis, Michelle Marin, Crystal Wilkerson

1) Scrapbook Journaling Ideas– I told you it’s how I started. When I start scrapbooking a story, I start to think about those other stories. It makes the journaling easier, but even more so, more compelling. It’s often the charm that draws people into my journaling and pages.

2) Getting the scrapbook stories told– Often, I can tell several stories in one layout. Or perhaps document something I really want in my layouts that maybe I wouldn’t otherwise.

3) Scrapbook Stories without pictures– similar to the last one, it gives me a chance to tell stories I don’t have pictures for.

4) Scrapbook page ideas– The layout here is a good example. I start to see connections in pictures and ways to tell stories in a different way. In my chocolate chip story, I compiled various pictures over the years- but I was able to talk about so many things I don’t have a picture for. (And to tell a lot of stories that on their own, I’ve no interest in scrapbooking- but together they tell a better story. . . I don’t need 20 pages telling about my chocolate chip cookies- how conceited that even sounds- 1 will suffice and be much more interesting.

Scrapbook Tip: Often times we waste time scrapbooking things that are so similar when we really don’t care to. If you want to, go for it. But otherwise, think about how you can combine them in one story. (I often liken it to seeing someone else’s vacation pictures- would you rather see 1000 or just 20 of the best.)

5) Generate scrapbook story ideas– Maybe I won’t use all the things that come to mind at one time. But, as I go through this scrapbooking journaling exercise, I can identify more things that I want to scrapbook. It often inspires other stories and pages.

The more you start thinking about the story within the story, the more you’ll find you use this strategy.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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