Monday, as you might recall, I asked you to fill in the blank: I am a ______ scrapbooker. I decided to take it a step further and asked that same question to 1,300 people. The results, while somewhat surprising to me, aren’t really that shocking.


Stirred Not Skaken Scrapbooking: Scrapbooking Doubts

The result of my little experiment- only 2 of the 1,300 plus people that I reached even responded. Those two responses were positive. I don’t know the reason that the others didn’t respond- perhaps they we busy. But I suspect it’s something more vile about this hobby.

I suspect that for many, the gut reaction to that question is quite negative. Burned out? Poor? Bad? Behind? lazy? Perhaps they started thinking about how they collect supplies but don’t scrapbook. Or possibly,  it’s a lack of confidence in skills or storytelling. Or maybe it’s feeling their stories aren’t worth telling.

In the end, I suspect that this simple fill in the blank statement becomes riddled with doubts for many scrapbookers. Does it for you?

It doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way. First and for most, this is a hobby. This is something we do for fun. And we need to make sure we let it be fun.


As I thought about this post, I pulled out my old thesaurus. It was my mom’s when she went to college (the copyright is 1962.) It’s an old trusty friend. It’s a book I can get lost in. Seriously. This one actually has some of the best synonyms (and a few surprises as I’ll share on Instagram today). I use it because no thesaurus I’ve ever seen since has the words that just seem to fit like this one. Amongst the synonym for doubt were:

Fill with doubt, stagger, shake

Somewhere along the way, that’s what happens to us in scrapbooking. We get shaken. We begin to doubt ourselves and what we are creating. We begin to doubt everything about it- why am I doing this? Who cares? Should this go here or there? Why do I bother I can’t keep up?


You know I mentioned that thesaurus- it’s really a magical place for me- this particular thesuarus. There’s something that happens when I open it. I breathe in it’s old book smell and it stirs my thoughts. It’s like I can open it and the words are transferred to my fingertips and writing is just easier. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten ideas as I open it and take in that scent.

Instead of scrapbooking shaking us, it should stir us. We should be inspired to scrapbook.

To do that we need to find our own path in scrapbooking, forge ahead in our own way, and let go of those doubts. It can be easier said than done when we’ve been shaken for so long- especially when we begin to compare ourselves or listen to the messages of others. It’s time to take scrapbooking back!

I am a ___________ scrapbooker.


To start with, it’s time to have a mission, a motto, something we go by in our scrapbooking. Yup, I shared mine Monday. But take some time today to fill in the blank thoughtfully rather than with that knee jerk action. If you wanted to tell someone your scrapbooking manifesto, what would it be? Do you know manifesto isn’t even in the thesaurus I use. Perhaps we need to dial it all back a bit, because this generation is probably a little to high on the whole mission philosophy sometimes- and after all this is a hobby right. But, if you could fill in the blank with an intention and the type of scrapbooker you want to say you are, how would it be?

What are your thoughts? Share them below.

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