I’ve talked a lot the past few weeks about the types of stories that I like to tell. You may have noticed that I really don’t focus on techniques and supplies as much as I do the story. It’s not that I don’t like trying different things or using different techniques. And it’s certainly not because I do’t love supplies like everyone else (who doesn’t love finding paper that makes your heart go pitter-patter?). But, in the end, I’ve found that it’s the story that drives my scrapbooking. Over the years I’ve become a story motivated scrapbooker.

I am a story motivated scrapbooker.

That’s it. Plain and simple. Ultimately it’s getting to tell the stories that excites me the most about scrapbooking. What excites you?

Story Motivated Scrapbooker- Turkey Season 2014

Journaling Reads: If you ask me, this was the best turkey season ever. They seem like they just keep getting better. The turkeys won again this year, at least for me at the deer lease, though Cody bagged a Rio with his rifle down in South Texas. Is that even turkey hunting? I don’t think so. No Stalk, No Finesse. Give me a shotgun or no turkey at all. It’s not turkey hunting unless you are sitting in the woods- perhaps sitting in a ditch or two- waiting for a Tom to walk within 20 yards. We came close- from one of our first hunts with a hen clucking as we called just so very close to us in a new spot, the turkey that roosted again up above us, or the one that came around the corner. It’s not turkey hunting unless it’s your legs covering the miles rather the gun covering the distance. I remember thinking about how I’m able to make decisions out there- without thinking too hard. Assess what we know and what are options are, then choose a path. I wish I could do that more away from the stalk. But, you know how we’ve always said we wanted to watch a turkey come in strutting his stuff. I’ll never say it again- not after watching it happen. Almost happen. Strutted all but the last couple of yards. I wanted to be sure to make a good shot. It was the worst and most awesome experience ever- right in the spot where we had a deer cross the road less than 20 yards. We watched the hens walk right by us but he just wouldn’t come close enough- for me at least. That thirty minute show only hooked me more. Here Turkey Lurkey. Supplies: Andrea Victoria, Cathy Zielske, Paislee Press, Cosmo Cricket

Okay, so maybe turkey hunting excites me! (Never killed one yet, but I can’t tell you how much fun it is spending all that time in the woods, communicating with turkeys, and even seeing them strut there stuff. Just a little while longer until turkey season.)

Oh, wait, I digress. I know, I asked you what excites you. I meant what excites you about scrapbooking. And really, what excites you most about scrapbooking.

Story Motivated Scrapbooker- See Through Bathroom


Journaling Reads: This trip sounds like some sort of mad libs tale but this was the adventure of the year. It just took us four hours to decide what to do. You never know what you might do when you get to that point. Yes, we decided to drive 300 miles round trip all to see the world’s only see-through bathroom in Sulphur Springs. It was as much about catching up with each other as it was actually doing something totally beyond belief for once. We had a great time talking while driving. I really wish there was video of my drinking Lisa’s Dr. Pepper. . . my own delayed reaction, her realization that the cap in my hand was the wrong color, and then the laughter that followed. Besides Cody, Lisa’s the only person who would truly understand how much I don’t like Dr. Pepper. We were so proud of ourselves when we actually went to the bathroom in the bathroom we’d driven so far to see- but really when you got to go, you got to go. In this case, water becomes liquid courage. And on the way home, oh what an amazing pair of rainbows that we saw for over an hour. The trip was a chance to marvel at what we’ll do, our own bit of bravery, and God’s beautiful sights while catching up like old friends do. But, oh, what a tale we came home with to tell. Supplies: Ali Edwards; Paislee Press; Jen Allyson, Danielle Young

I love when I get to tell a story- no matter how small or how strange. I did the layout about as part of Ali Edwards Hello Story. Being story-motivated and letting the story guide me, the mad libs inspiration was perfect for this strange story- of us going to see a see-through bathroom. The story is like something right out of Mad Libs.

Story Motivated Scrapbooker- Moments and Memories in the Dark

Journaling Reads: It happened this night, when the power went out, was a perfect night. Cody had been out of town for a few weeks and had just gotten back home. The power went out and we cuddled up in the chair knowing we needed to make sure we’d need to stay warm. We lit the candles and settled in for night with no tv and not much else to do.But then, I remembered I had gotten albums from my mom with pictures spanning from my childhood until we went digital. I pulled out the albums and we spent the evening going through the pictures. Cody held a flashlight over the pictures for several hours. I remember how much I enjoyed how intently he listened as I told him about some forgotten memories. We marveled as we looked back at some of the pictures since we’d started dated. Were we really that young? that thin? It’s amazing to think about when you look back. There was one picture that I just absolutely loved from my college apartment. We were sitting together there- the shots not perfect in the sense that we were caught talking and there’s tons of clutter in the background. But it was perfect in that it caught our relationship us just talking to each other.That’s what we were doing this night perfect night when the power left us in the dark- just talking to each other, catching up, and sharing stories. This is how our relationship goes- it’s the moments and the minutes that I treasure. Supplies: Word Art and Template Ali Edwards, Stamp House of 3, Paper Paislee Press

So, I asked what motivates you most. I mentioned I love the supplies.  I love creating. But ultimately, I love documenting our stories. Have you considered how you can tailer your entire process around the thing you most want from scrapbooking?

Story Motivated Scrapbooker- A Knack for Making Life Special

Journaling Reads: A Knack for Making Life Special I love to hear you tell the story of how your dad would put a sprinkler in the yard beneath the trees on the nights where it would get down to freezing. The effect was beautiful as evidenced by this picture. You talks about this memory routinely- his dad’s little act to make winter time special clearly made a mark on you.In so many ways you’ve followed in your Dad’s footsteps. Taking the time to make life special is one of my favorite ways you take after him. You have this way of making the ordinary special, finding that little something and making me feel special. Supplies: The Daily Digi, One Little Bird, Karen Hartley

Scrapbook Idea: Did you notice that none of these layouts are the same size? Mix it up and have fun with the different sizes. The first layout is even a 12 by 12 mixed with an 8.5 by 11. Speaking of story motivated, I generally let the story guide the size of my layout especially when considering the pictures I have to support a story and how much journaling I expect to do.

For me, that’s the story. And I’ve become a story motivated scrapbooker who wraps here entire scrapbooking process around that story. When you begin to recognize what it is that inspires you most about scrapbooking and hang your hat on that, everything else begins to fall in place.


So, I ask you today to fill in the blank.

I am a ______________ scrapbooker. 

Share with us in the comments how you’d fill in the blank!


And stay tuned to learn more about my story motivated scrapbooking process and how you can explore more about your own intentions and process.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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