So, this week, I’m sharing my own personal scrapbooking journey into exploring freedom to scrapbook what we want rather than what others are scrapbooking. I shared some of that journey on Monday and then shared my take on Holiday layouts on Wednesday. Today, I’m going to share with you my travel and how I make my self happy by scrapbooking trips in three different types of layouts.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas: Summarize Then Pinpoint Moments

Road trips and vacations are such a small part of my life- even after this past year with all our road trips. Truth is, I don’t want to be on the road every single week, so it’s always going to be there.

I’m going to digress. . . but I guess it’s like what I read yesterday- as long as we decide to go around clothed, there will always be dirty laundry. Just a thought I found so comforting. . . because I don’t know about you, but I hate that first few items to go in the empty dirty laundry pile. But, it’s like that. . . there will always be every day life more so than traveling. . . well for almost all of us. . . 

Vacations were something that’s it’s taken me time to reach my stride with in a number of ways. I want them in my albums- they are memories that my husband and I share usually really fondly. I have all these great pictures- it’s usually where I take the most pictures. (And why I have so many from last year).

But, I don’t want to spend al my time scrapbooking what’s typically less than a week of my life- often just a weekend of my life. There’s so much more out there.

And then there’s the little moments that happen within a trip that I want to remember.

As it’s worked out, I’ve developed a three “step” formula for our trips. This travel scrapbook idea isn’t tried and true in the sense that it’s a rule- some trips I’ve done all three of these types of layouts. Other trips, I still want to get these types of layouts done. There maybe trips that never get all or any of these layouts- it’s okay. What’s important to me is that I document my story- the stories I want to tell- as much as I can. But, my scrapbooking time is limited.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas: 3 Types of Pages

1) Summarize the Trip

This is where I get lots of pictures included and I get to tell a lot of the stuff we did and little tidbits from the trip. The more I do this the more I’ve wanted to include something more of my overall impression or the feeling the trip left me with.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas- Broken Bow Fun

Trips just seem more epic this way. . . . Well these two were already epic in their own way.

Our trip to KC and then Route 66. Miles and Miles and Miles. . . not getting far very fast.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas Route 66 Reflections

Another bunch of miles in a whole different way- never left the state. And we’re gearing up to do this again next month. . . I can’t wait. Lucero!

Travel Scrapbook Ideas- Three Days Bands Cities Full

Do you notice something here? The last two layouts were nearly identical- the journaling columns is about the only thing that really changed in this design. I’ve found that I really like this design for these summaries- it gives me lots of space for words and photos (and when you have that many photos you often want to tone everything else down and simplify.)

Scrapbook Tip: Don’t hesitate to use a design that works well more than once.

I think when doing these summary layouts, I like to have a few really great designs I can work with that make it easy to get lots of shots in quickly so I can spend my time getting the journaling down.

2) Scrapbook the Moments

The other type of layout I look at as I look at my trips is the moments that I really would like to tell the story more fully for. Each trip is filled with moments- and there are some you want to remember- the ones you never want to forget. For me, they’re often little moments too!

This was an early moment that I scrapbooked. Man! (I hang my head just even thinking about it.) Poor photography/scrapbooker husband’s. . . . this one had him visiting a no-tell motel. . . but I didn’t realize that when I asked him to pull over so I could get a picture of this iconic sign there at Broken Bow.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas -NoTell copy

Hmm . . . with my nut of a husband and my passions. . . seems many of these are funny stories too. Don’t tell anyone he set off the alarm. This is from the trip above.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas- Don't Touch- Security

This moment says so much about this trip we took back to KC that year taking my nephew to 5 Royals games where they lost all 5. . . then coming back to Texas and watching the Royals win in Houston.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas- Laundry Mat in the Hotel Sink

Oh Skinny Lister and Lorna. . . this is from that concert trip summarized above. I wanted to capture more of just what this was like. (Check out Skinny Lister- they will make you smile. . .  and if you get to see them in concert, you will really enjoy it.)

Travel Scrapbook Ideas- Oh Lorna

3) Summarize the Connections

Then, there’s the connections from trip to trip to trip. I love to be able to pull them all together to tell even more of the story.

This one goes through the way back machine. . . my husband looks so young in that picture. Caves were one of the things we did on our first trip together. (The Guadalupe was too low to really float.) It’s been a constant on vacations and I can imagine at some point I’ll be doing a follow-up companion layout with more cave pictures and adventures.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas- Exploring In Caves

Texas- Duh! I live here. It’s a huge state!

Travel Scrapbook Ideas- Texas 'nough said

This is one from three trips this year that don’t have a single trip summary- I may end up scrapbooking the other parts of those trips differently. This one is about fascination with big rivers- and getting to spend some time around them this summer.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas- Mississippi River

Why I love this approach?

I love that in just a few layouts I’ve told so much of the story in different ways. This works for me. These three types of layouts work together to really tell the story in such a meaningful way. And, even better for me, they free up what little time I have to scrapbook to tell more stories- instead of always thinking I have all these vacation pictures I need to scrapbook. I’ve gotten to where I try, especially if it’s a big massive trip in some way, that I try at least a few of these as soon as possible- while all those little memories are done.

I’m not much of a mini-album scrapbooker for whatever reason it’s not my thing. I remember coming across one I had started for a trip my husband and I took. . . where I’d noted we’d said it was “on like donkey kong.” It meant so much to go back and remember how we kept saying that as traversed Texas in what seemed a pretty illogical manner. But, then I was struck by all the other parts of the trip I’d forgotten- what other little things had I forgotten. And likely I’d have never remembered what I meant if I’d just made a note. So, it’s easier for me to do these pretty close to the trip. . . . though I have a lot of trip over the span of a lot of years that aren’t scrapbooked at all. And that’s okay too.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas: Use the Internet, Messaging, & Social Media to help you remember the details.

I often post pictures on Instagram while we’re on the road (mind you I rent, there’s security, and I don’t have kids. . . nor much of anything they could steal and I’d cry about). And, we’ll send messages to friends when we come across things we really want to share with them. When we get back, I’ll often blog about a trip sooner than I’ll scrapbook about it. It gives me a great way to remember the details.

Travel Scrapbook Layouts in my Albums

Wednesday, I shared that I’m able to disguise the fact that I only have four Christmas layouts in my albums by the way I organize them. (In part because I don’t have a holidays section in my albums.) Most of my vacation layouts are all stored together in a section of my Stories album called “Trips”. This is the one section that is filed chronological. . . I don’t scrapbook it that way, but it bothers me for some reason if the trip from 2009 is sandwiched out of order between other trips. Because I separate other things, I like that I can just put all the trip layouts- the moments, the happenings, the people, etc- in one section all together.

There are some vacation layouts that I do store in other places. This one is really more about my childhood told through a site we saw on a trip to through Taft.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas-Floyds TV Shop in Taft copy

Since this was really about our long lost friends, I’ve stored put this one in our Family & Friends section. (It just felt right- sometimes I just have to pick one or the other.)

Travel Scrapbook Ideas- Sean and Diana

Use the Photos in Other Layouts

Just as I use photos from my holidays in other layouts, you an get more of your vacation photos in your layouts by looking for other ways that you can use them.

Here’s I used pictures from various trips to tell the story of me being a Show Me State gal.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas- Show Me State Girl

How do you feel about scrapbooking vacation photos and memories? What tips do you have?

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