You may have read this post  with my first page for 2011 and then wondered where the rest of December went.  When December was over, I was definetely wondering where the rest of December went myself.  Crazy month and I knew when I decided to do that I might have been a bit crazy myself.  And, it wound up being something I had to let go in order to try to keep some of my sanity last December.

But, I still took quite a few pictures of the things happening around us and I think I held onto the spirit of the December Daily project but just not the documenting every day part. . .  I paid attention, cherished, and enjoyed as much as I could.

We had of course, just closed on our house when December started.  Lots of chaos, adjusting, and changes.

We went to Ikea to get some furniture.  Cody was the most wonderful thing throughout that whole thing- listening to what I wanted.  Helping me measure and visualize the night before just to make sure the plans seemed to work.  Driving down there.  Shopping in Ikea- and changing some of the plans up as we went.  Loading all the boxes- We had the truck filled.  Driving back from Houston.  Putting all the stuff we bought together.  Just the most amazing man- I was so impressed that he never lost his cool.

Oh, and on the way down there.  I had to laugh.  Cody was flipping stations and John Denver came on.  He knew me.  He started to turn it up and I started to gripe about him switching from John Denver.  He said he knew better than that! LOL! John Denver is meant to be played on road trips.

He had to turn around the next day, after almost the entire rest of the weekend putting things together, and drive back to Houston for work.

No rest for the wary.  Cody finished up the Ikea projects when he got back. Including putting shelves in our little alcove- which proved to be quite a task.

We stopped by to see the Billy, Mandy, and the girls.  I never really got a shot of Mandy in- Amy Lynn had to have the camera- she did get this shot along with a hole bunch of blurry ones that precious whirlwind just won’t hold the camera still yet.

Callie took to walking like her Grandpa with her arms behind her back while we were there- Mandy and Cody both got video of it- it was the funniest thing.  And of course, Amy was not to be outdone and starting taking care of her “baby” who had no name.

Callie’s getting the pose thing. . . . Amy’s hitting that goofy smile for the camera phase.

There were cookies.  Lots of them! At least before they left the house.  (Yes, that’s my very old oven that we have in this apartment)

My Uncle passed away.  I was so thankful for the time we got to spend with him these past few years since Katrina.  Tracy & Kim and their boys came in.  I didn’t get many shots- the entire weekend felt like a whirlwind to me.

Ryan really wanted to hide from the camera.  I wish he wouldn’t have so you could see how much that cute little one eating the cone looks just like his dad.  (And, I was impressed Mom never mentioned the bag lady. . .  Mom would tell you that’s how she learned her lesson about eating th bottom of an ice cream cone.)

So, I just kept snapping away. . . .

We had a graveside/burial service to attend for a family friend of Cody’s family the next day that took us out into the sticks.  We had a chance to see Clint for a wee bit and I know Cody very much enjoyed that.  We miss Clint and Tamara.  Afterwards, I actually got Cody to stop in Marshall to see the lights- which are suppose to be spectacular.

As we wondered downtown, I was taking pictures of some of the store windows. . .  and Cody, apparently, was actually looking in the windows.

Where he saw this:

As I was giving him a hard time about how he was the one who pointed it out while he paid for my Christmas gift, He said that he knew when he saw it that I’d bring it home. . .  He knows me so well!

We saw the lights and this big rocking horse that Billy and Mandy told us about.  It was tall but I loved the way it was painted/carved.

Truthfully though, I felt like the “Lights” part of this Marshall stop was a total tugboat parade.

Christmas itself was pretty calm.  We kept it really simple.  It was just the five of us. My brother had his new camera and some really new lenses that we played with a little while we waiting for the Mac & Cheese and Ham to bake.

And somewhere in all that- we hunted (in fact, Cody got a doe and we processed it), and worked, and unpacked, and settled in.  Whirlwind!

So, that’s the December that the December Daily did not happen.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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