Just wanted to drop a line here. It looks like I won’t be blogging much over the next couple of weeks. My computer has been limping along. I’d hoped it wouldn’t come to this so soon, but it has. It’s had an impact on my blogging, the things I can blog about, my scrapbooking, my photography, and some other creative projects. It’s as slow as molasses and then some. One of my blog to do’s is to record some scrapbooking videos but even it would let me no one wants to watch all the time it takes to do one small task. I always feel a bit distraught when the technology I use isn’t working.

Well you see, I’m about to do something that I all my years I never thought I would do- and keep in mind I’ve had a home computer in my life longer than most people- we got ours when my friends were getting the very first gaming systems. I am going Mac.

Windows 8- that the biggest reason I’m going Mac or perhaps it’s the decisions behind Windows 8 and some short sided thinking. It seems to me that Microsoft doesn’t get it.

In the years since we switched from a Windows Mobile Smart phone to a iPhone, the ways we use technology have changed so much. With both my phone and an iPad, the way I use my laptop has changed. I use my laptop less and less- I use it when I need it, when one of my devices won’t do the trick. So that means blogging, Lightroom, Photoshop, and sometimes a few other programs like Microsoft Office. Social Media, video, music, games- we do all that on our devices.

That brings me back to the new Windows- it’s built to be just like their smartphone and tablet operating systems. So rather than recognizing the ways I want to use it differently, they’ve gone the opposite direction. It simply makes no sense.

Sure, I could potentially install an older version but does that make any sense? They have a way you can use Window 8 in a more classic view. Neither really makes sense- I want to take advantage of new technologies rather than backtracking. And, since Microsoft has drawn the line in the sand, they aren’t likely to change from the Windows 8 design. So, if I stay with Windows, I will eventually have to make the switch to Windows 8.

So, I’m going Mac which recognizes the differences in the way we use technology today.

Windows 8 has scared me for some time now- and I’m always excited about updated software- I am a geek. But today was a good example of the issues. We went to look at Best Buy since we’d gone to town. Cody, whose never seen much of a Mac at all took to it like a fish to water, he clicked around and was able to maneuver between soft wares etc. He started clicking around on a Windows 8 computer and couldn’t get out I’d the first thing he opened.

So later this week I go Mac, or at least that’s the planned time table. I’m sure I’ll have a bit of a learning curve- though Lightroom and Photoshop will be the same and I’ve been using Safari. I don’t anticipate blogging much over the next two weeks but with a working computer, I’ll be going to town soon. And hopefully making some of the scrapbooking videos I want to make very soon.

Thanks for your patience.

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