Turkey season ended for us last weekend.  Unfortunately, it didn’t go out with a bang. I really wanted to use my new line “Gobble, Gobble, Boom” this year but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  And Sunday was the worst hunting for me in at least two years to top it all of.  But, Cody and I still managed to have fun and enjoy the time together in the woods.

We only hunted Sunday morning due to the rains that came Friday and Saturday.  So, we hung out at the house Saturday morning and went out to the deer lease that evening.  Saturday, we walked to do some scouting and I took pictures with my new toy lens.

I did break out the camera to try to get a few selfies and images of Cody and I.







From sunset to sunrise (and really good camera to the iPhone).  Just not a lot of sleep in between.  We watched the sunrise as we headed out to our spot.  Yup, we were running late.  I felt like I was going to fall face first into the mud the entire walk to where we wanted to hunt. . . my eyes were on the sunrise not where we were headed.

The light coming in through the small clump of remaining trees in this area was amazing.  I’m not real sure exactly why these are even still standing since everything around them has been cut.  I know some of this section is on SMZ (stream management zone) but not where we were.  But, I’ll take it.


I figured out that I could use the forward facing camera on my phone to get some pictures of Cody who was sitting right beside me this time leaning on the same tree.





How’s this one for a self portrait and a capture of both of us?

You guessed it.  We were restless.  We did not hear a single bird which is the first time in two years that I’ve been that skunked.

So, then, after we’d hunted, we went to check on my stand and check the persimmon trees Cody planted in the fall. They all survived the winter!  And of course, I had the real camera in tow. . . Guess what I took pictures of?


He waited in the truck.  We went and checked a few other places for birds but with them being silent, it’s hard to figure out what to do if you can’t see them- it’s 10,000 acres after all.

So, then Cody asked me where I wanted to shoot.  We went to his stand and he put some minerals out.

Then, he sat down and waited on me.


I thought of Amy Lynn when I found the ladybugs.



And, I just love this shot with Cody on his cell phone in the background.

Even though we didn’t get a turkey, there were some really great moments in the woods just the two of us this year.  And that makes all those early mornings and crazy schedules worth it.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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