Do you ever feel like you’ve just dropped out of your own life? That’s kinda how the past few months feel.  We’ve been busy with the deer lease, a few trips, and work has been overwhelming at times.  So, I haven’t been around much.

One thing I’ve been doing is listening to Lucero- for longer than I’ve been away from the blog. . . . And almost exclusively Lucero- for months.  I told Cody about a month ago that part of is there’s no one else like them. . . there’s no genre to turn to, there’s no group that I can find that sounds like them. So, when I want to listen to that music, that’s all there is.  (Don’t even get me started one what the “like” features on Pandora or Itunes Radio give you- not really close at all.- But Pandora is how I found Lucero years ago, so I can’t totally complain.)  But, the bigger part of it is that I LOVE their music.

Cody has been slow to step on the bandwagon.  (Truth be told, he usually is. . . Fred Eaglesmith took much longer.) When we went to KC, I took over the music and forced him to listen to Lucero- and he started coming around. And, finally, I convinced him to take me to see them.

This past weekend they were in Oklahoma City (Wormy Dog), Dallas for a festival, and then Hot Springs.  When we went to the Wormy Dog, we came home sick from the cigarette smoke- plus it was on a Thursday and would have been harder to take the train again. We really didn’t want to go a festival, so we went to Hot Springs.  We drove up there on Saturday morning and then came home yesterday.

It was everything that I though it would be! So good!

Rick Steff of Lucero

Ben watching Rick Steff play during Fistful of Tears
Ben watching Rick Steff play during Fistful of Tears

Rick Steff of Lucero


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