Last week, I shared some pictures from our vacation two weeks ago.  What did we do in the second part of our trip?  If you know us, you know we probably saw some baseball. . . it was college ball tournament time.  And, yup, that’s what we did.  We went to Sugarland where the Southland Conference Tournament was held.

Of course, the ‘Jacks made us pay for our decision to stay in Corpus Tuesday night and by the time we wised up, there were no rooms left in Sugarland.  They played at 9:00 AM on Wednesday so it was a really early morning drive.  I kept hoping we would get to see a beautiful sunrise on the way but the clouds kept it at bay.  The clouds seemed to stick around almost the entire rest of our trip as you can see in these pictures.  (The sun just did not want to come out and play.)

As it turned out, the Jacks lost Wednesday and lost again on Thursday.  So, it was our last two games to watch these guys.  Some are graduating and fingers crossed Hunter Dozier should get drafted.  It’s getting harder and harder each year as we watch the players play their last games.  They leave it all on the field and inspire us.

Zach Benson was on fuego during the last games of the season.

I have to admit, I was more intent on watching and scorning the game rather than taking pictures.  I took some pictures from my seat but really wanted to watch the game unfold and enjoy the games.

We had conference tickets so we wound up going to a couple of more games after SFA was out of the tournament.  University of Central Arkansas who knocked us out of the tournament went on to play more ball (along with Sam Houston). . . . Next year’s tournament is up in their neck of the woods in Conway and we’re looking forward to the vacation possibilities out of the big city there.

I would so much rather watch the college ball than pro ball and I know we’ll be watching the Road to Omaha unfold over the next few weeks and the draft. . . well it starts on Thursday and you better believe I’ll be watching that!

What else did we do?  Well, we ate. . . all those chains we like that we don’t have in our small town.  We ate quite well and stuffed ourselves.  Oh and I got to try the Arby’s King’s Hawaiian Bread sandwich was so good. (We actually have an Arby’s in town but neither of us have ever been impressed by ours).

We shopped. Well, a little.  We made two trips to the mall in Sugarland and a couple of trips to Michael’s.  We didn’t really buy much though.  I guess you could say we gave the good old college try at enjoying being in the big city.

We rested. Did you see the Duck Dynasty season finale this year where they are in Hawaii?  That’s my husband- he’d rather stay in a hotel and watch ESPN, all day long. . . I mean ALL DAY LONG!

Friday, since we didn’t have to be at any baseball games we went to the Brazos Bend State Park on a bit of a whim. . . the kind of whim where I had sandals on instead of proper shoes.  It was great to get out of the city for a while and enjoy nature.  The park definitely went on our list of ones we’d like to visit again.  We walked a bit of it but not near very much of it- in part due to time, in part due to my shoes.

That gator on the sign was just the first of many we would see- only the other ones were alive. . . and I was praying I didn’t have to run in my sandals.

We got pretty close to this small fry.

We decided to check out Saturday and work our way back home early.  First, we stopped by the Imperial Sugar building and the “farmer’s market”.  It wasn’t much of a Farmer’s Market but I guess Cody earned his brownie points for stopping at it.

Then we watched Oral Roberts and Central Arkansas play their game.  Next up was lunch and a bit of an excursion for something special I’m sure to tell you about later.  We rested most of the rest of our weekend before going back to work.


The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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