So, you may not know this but Cody and I went on vacation last week.  It was really two vacations that happened in one trip- both were south of Houston.  First up was Corpus Christi.  I know, I know, everyone things we went to the beach.  We didn’t.  We visited Cody’s mom and lots of good friends.  It felt like we burned the candle at both ends- staying up late visiting and getting up early to do stuff.

Of course, before we could get to Corpus Christi, we had to make it through Houston.  The traffic by the ballpark and downtown was bottle-necked.  Ask my husband who was not so happy that they had 59 down to one lane.  It was so bad, that I got to try out almost every lens in the camera back taking pictures of downtown.  I don’t think Cody got it- it was my way of passing the time and trying to avoid his suddenly not so friendly mood.  Besides, I like to get shots of that tall, tall building.  My dad worked there the entire time I was growing up on various floors- I’ve been to the top.  I’ve been on the 13th floor (where Dad worked in office 13).  I remember as a kid checking out the scale of the cars and buses from floor to floor.  At least growing up, the 60th floor was open to the public. The top floors were off limits when I got older.

Sometimes, the camera can really lie. . . it was more like this sitting there on the overpass- for at least a half hour on a Sunday:

I kinda like that this picture is crooked- the whole time we were up there was a off.  Cody was fine once he got out of dodge.

From there, it was free sailing straight on down South.

After we stopped by his mom’s house, we drove around Annaville and Cody showed me a part I’d never seen- where he went to Elementary School, played baseball, and went to church. . . So much of his world at that age all right there across the street from each other.

Another day, we took this “new” corridor that goes out towards North Beach straight from Calallen.  Pretty cool road, I must say.  I’ve always wanted Cody to take me down towards to port etc. so that I could see more of it.  It was interesting to me to get to see the Nueces where it comes into the bay on one side of the road and the port on the other.  And, I got to see ships.  Although we didn’t do it this time, we normally stay “on the beach” and I love watching the ships and tugboats come in.  (We’re not fans of the going on the beach; but the ships are there too!)

As luck would have it that evening, the sun was going down beautifully.

And we stopped while Cody talked on the phone along the road and I snapped a few more pictures.  Some of my favorite scenic shots from the entire week.

But the real purpose of our trip down there was to help his mother clear out an old storage building, to visit with her, and to see old friends.  And, that’s what we did.  We stayed up way to late talking one night to Jason and April.  I should have gotten some pictures but I didn’t bring the camera in.  We quickly realized there’s a problem when you don’t have a truck. . . it’s hard to get 8 foot boards to help stabilize the storage building. . . Of course, it helps to have the right friends.  We went up to the shop where Cody worked for over 14 years- everyone there is like family.  I love to lag behind Cody as he enters the shop to watch his second family as they realize he’s there.  They really are his family.  I think it’s safe to say this trip down south was very much about roots.  And, like we always do, we made several trips up to the shop to visit.

My highlight of the trip was getting together with some old friends we’d lost contact with until they found on Facebook.  I have to say that I was giddy about meeting up with them.  We met at the aquarium and visited.  Diana and I laughed as the boys stood around talking while she and I talked and took pictures. So very fun!  Cody and both remarked about what a great day it was when it was all over.

The aquarium is an old favorite of ours.  I remember when our then one year old nephew held my hand looking at me in wonder as I let him get underneath this fountain.  I can’t believe that was almost 15 years ago! I thought of him as we went into the aquarium.  This place is filled with so many memories for us.  We made new ones last week.

And I said we visited with Coralyn.  This was the look she gave me when I snapped a picture of her the last night while we were eating.  I told her I needed a picture to prove we really did see her.  I love the expression on her face- it reminds me so much of Cody.

And look, there’s the beach. . . we actually took the corridor for the third time in two days to eat at this “new” restaurant on North Beach.

It was so fun to visit with everyone and Cody and I both agreed we need to make it down there more often.  It was too short. We were gone bright and early Wednesday morning for Part 2 of our vacation.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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