Last month, I went out to the deer lease with Cody to start preparing the trailer to be moved over to our campsite. That’s a long story. . . as the trip really wasn’t very productive. And of course, Cody isn’t going to pass up an opportunity to drive around the deer lease. I had my camera ready.

Have you ever wished you could fly? Like a bird? What about when you see a vulture? I knew, it a grotesque bird but when it’s gliding around, sometimes I wish I could at least glide through the air like that. (But don’t ask me to eat what they eat!)


Cody hunts on a 10,000 acre deer lease- it’s owned by a timber company.  It used to be filled with trees.  But lately, they’ve cleared so much of the lease that I really think half of it’s been cut and cleared.  And what do you do when you hunt on a deer lease where they’re clearing?  You check it out.  One of the places is around the little lake.


Here’s part of an area near where Cody had a stand two years ago.  The year that they were to clear both of his stand sites.


He got rid of that stand site to get his main stand site now.  Which in the end, is where we headed.  I’m not even sure why we walked down there other than to just take a look at it.  I can’t remember that we did anything but walk around. 

Of course, when we got down to his food plot we found this lone flower.


I mean out in teh middle of nowhere- in the middle of his plot.


There’s always something about walking through the woods- and I love to watch Cody while he things and plots what he wants to do at his stand sites.


I’ve talked about how Cody will stop and let me take pictures of the flowers like the one above.  On this trip, Cody did the stopping to take a few pictures between his food plot and feeder.  (Of course, he had to borrow my camera because he hadn’t gotten his out.)



I managed to get a little picture of him too.


The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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