Monday morning I was thinking about the upcoming year. I was thinking about things I might like to do around the house, when I realized that old familiar pattern of not knowing what the future would hold. Sure, none of us really knows what the future holds, I know. But, Cody and I are anticipating some changes in 2011. . . one of which may or may not mean we would move from our home. In many ways, I’m indifferent on whether or not we move from our current home. . . but in other ways, I know it would be easier if we could stay in it. More than anything, I look forward to just knowing the answer. . . move or not move. But for now I have to wait.

I thought about putting up a big “Under Construction” sign in the house. (Don’t ask me where the thought came from- I had weird dreams with some strange imagination in them all night too! Let’s just say they were really “creative” dreams). I’d forgotten the idea until a few hours later, I was thinking about some artwork that I thought would be neat for the back bedroom. . . then there came that thought again- what if we move. (The prospect really has helped me save money! There’s a lot of things I’ve put off buying.) I was reminded that life seems to be under construction right now and realized that I like that better than stuck in a holding pattern as we were for so many years.

It was then that I stopped to ruminate on the concept of “Life Under Construction”. Perhaps it’s just 2010 coming to an end and looking ahead to 2011, but I can really see our life under construction right now. We’re trying to adapt some healthier habits. I’m trying to start a new venture. Cody’s got a new adventure in mind. I suppose in many ways each of us is under construction. We are continually growing and changing. We can make plans and we change things in our lives. And just like any construction project, there are many things beyond our control- things we can’t plan for or things that are awaiting input or action by someone else.

I’m curious: in what ways do you feel your life is under construction right now?

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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