This Daily Post prompt made me think about what the files on my hard drive say about me and what will survive over time. Maybe it’s in part because I was thinking about how much things have changed in the world of hunting. I remember when short range walkie talkies were the rage. Only, they’ve been replaced with cell phones and text messaging (and in-blind entertainment if you can get signal.) 

The changing of technology has never really been new to me. I had a home computer before most of my generation. They got Atari’s and game systems, we got a computer. And, I’ve never been able to play video games. It was the TI-99 and we must have gotten it around 1981-82ish. I wrote programs in BASIC which we recorded on cassettes and later the big old floppies. Who knows what someone who found those cassette’s today would think of those programs. Sure we played some games on there, but we had a bunch of educational games. I imagine that was my dad (the computer tech)’s way of getting mom(the teacher)’s approval for the technology. One of my favorite’s allowed you to write stories and then it would re-inact what you wrote.

That analytical side that wrote programs quickly learned software as the technology evolved. In Middle School, I kept a database with baseball statistics for the Astros. I would enter what they did for the game, and the computer would spit out the rest. Here’s something though- I have no interest in doing that now. It’s online and easy. I let technology fill in the gaps but don’t feel the need to create something that isn’t necessary- perhaps even something that’s original. Back then, I would also play around in Corel Draw.

So what would my current hard drive say about me? Probably the same things as my earlier experiences, just in greater depth and in more clarity. It’s really a portrait of who I am.

Analytically, there are plenty of analytical files on my computer. It’s not usual for me, a self confessed geek, to whip out a spreadsheet to compare options for food processor purchases for example. Creatively, there’s both my photography and my scrapbook pages. There’s even some fictional stories including a Scarecrow and Mrs. King Fan Fiction that’s stalled at the moment.

Ultimately, this hard drive tells my story. Whether or not someone will be able to read and recognize that later will remain to be seen. It tells of how much things cost today. It tells of my dreams and hopes. It tells the story of my everyday life through photos and words. It tells of creative outbursts and analytical moments and the crazy juxtaposition between the two. It’s simply an extension of my story.

We sometimes forget the places where we leave a trace of life.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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