Some times, he does most of the cooking. Other times, I’m the one . But, to be perfectly honest, I’m always most partial to the moments we are cooking together. It’s fun to unwind together as we prepare dinner and catch up- so much better than crashing on the couch. Last week, we had pizza which is really one of those meals we both get for- because I like mine my way, and he likes his his way.

We don’t do anything fancy- most weeknights especially, I could care less about fancy. We usually each stir up our own pizza crust dough (Walmart’s brand).


The funny thing about pizza is you can really see how different we can be. Once the dough’s rested, begin to see our differences. For me, it’s enough to just get the dough to spread out across the pan.


But, not him. He wants it perfect. It’s a little OCD as even he knows it all tastes the same.


But, we chat away- he’s still patting down his dough and I’m moving on. Walmart was out of pizza sauce last time so I just pulled out the spaghetti sauce.


Here’s they are starting to take shape- Lots of sauce for him, just a wee bit for me. When I get pizza out, I usually get just cheese, but at home I like a little more. I just add hamburger and black olives (which he hates. I can always count on him making faces.)


He doesn’t put as much hamburger because he’s going to add pepperoni. But, first he puts the cheese on (not sure why he does it on that order. He just does. As you can see, I have lots more cheese than him.


And I always have to wait on him. He’s got to get everything just so.


But, gosh, it doesn’t really matter. We’re just having fun in the kitchen- and we laugh about how different we can be. And dinner, well, it all turns out just fine- as long as I get to eat mine and he gets to eat his.


The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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