This weekend marks the first time that Cody and I saw Lucero. It marks a string of road trips in the last year planned around concerts. There will more on all that next Monday- the true anniversary of the first time we saw Lucero sparking a very interesting year for us.

But, part of seeing Lucero in Hot Springs was that we’d never been to Hot Springs before. Let’s just say the town didn’t do much for us- we’re not spa people and we’ve seen better shopping. Thankfully, since it was the one thing that really interested us besides the concert, the National Park was opened- literally just in time. You may remember all the National Parks were shut down since they couldn’t agree on the budget in Washington.

These appear to be the first two shots I took in Hot Springs. I can’t explain why I took pictures of both of these buildings crooked. Maybe I was still leaning from carrying our bags? This was just before Cody had his shoulder operated on. I remember carrying our bags several blocks while he had nothing in his hands. . . thinking I’m not this kinda of Women’s Libber Kinda Woman. Boy am I glad that his shoulder is much better now.

We didn’t spend much time in Hot Springs (a theme for a lot of these road trips, I’m afraid.) We had the few hours before the show to go explore and we headed up to the Mountain Tower.

Yes, dear, it’s up there.

I know, we’re out of shape.


That building on the corner was our hotel:

Speaking of our hotel. . . it was “old”. That was my impression in a lot of ways. But, yup, it had actual keys.

We did walk the little strip a few times, but that didn’t take that long. We ended up eating at the bar where we saw Lucero. And having Jack & Diane Burgers.

And yes, I have to say, seeing Lucero was the highlight of the trip- that and watching Cody finally get Lucero. Though, I’d come back if we had more time to explore the National Park- even if Lucero wasn’t playing.

Besides, I think they have one of the best Cracker Barrel ever! Well, I’m not a full expert, but this one’s got some great biscuits- too bad it’s so far off the interstate. Though, as Cody found out in August, get low on gas, take a wild turn to avoid another interstate stoppage, and you can come up with a good excuse to drive over an hour out of the way. . . for lunch at Cracker Barrel.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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