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We ventured to Little Rock for the Lucero Family Christmas last month.It was my one weekend getaway during deer season- I can usually talk Cody into one weekend. He even gave me an extra night! And no rushing back to the deer lease this time. . . we used the time to do a bunch of stuff around where we stayed. We parked the car once we got to Little Rock and didn’t get back in until we left.

I took a gazillion pictures of course . . . and that doesn’t even count the ones Cody took. We got him a new camera similar to mine just before this trip. I thought I would share a few highlights and then post a gallery with some of the other images. Some? I know there’s still a ton here but trust me, I’ve got a ton more. You can click on the galleries and see the larger images.

We went to the wildlife center first where I got a book about fireflies. Yes, in December. Cody spotted it and with a sub-title of “Fun Facts about the Fireflies You Loved as a Kid”, how can you go wrong.? I read the entire thing just before we headed out for the concert. Isn’t that what everyone does before going to the bar?

With “The Firefly Book” in tow, we walked over to the Presidential Library and the Wetlands.

Look there’s a picture of us! I don’t know what it was. My sweet husband offered to take more pictures of couples and families while we were there, but none of them asked us! So, I stuck to the tried and trued ways to get pictures of the two of us together with varying degrees of success.

Chihuly Glass Reflection

This one is one of my favorites from the weekend. I’m not even all that sure why. You know what though? It doesn’t have to make sense.

Clinton Presidential Library

More from the Clinton Presidential Library:

If we had wanted to, we could have spent a lot more time there. But, I had other things I wanted to do. (And, boring my husband wasn’t one of them.)

This was where I wanted to make sure we went- and we both seemed to get lost: The Old State House Museum where there was an exhibit “Lights! Camera! Action!” that I knew had something related to Jeff Nichols. Why not? We were there to see one of the other Nichols boys & they are from Little Rock. This isn’t a stellar picture, I didn’t have the right lens. But, this was one of my favorite things from this entire trip. Those notecards are the birthing of “Shotgun Stories”. I love to see the creative process at work and I had to read each one. There was other fun memorabilia and items from his movies as well.

(If you haven’t seen Jeff’s movies, you need to- check out “Shotgun Stories,” “Take Shelter,” and “Mud.”)


I didn’t take that many pictures inside the museum, but it really did it’s exhibits right. There was another cool bicycle exhibit as well.

Then of course it was time for the concert. First up, The Mighty Souls Brass Band which I had really been looking forward to.


Check them out! They have an album coming out at the end of the month. One cool thing that happened was they did “I’ll Fly Away”- and the whole packed bar sang along before Lucero came on and we sang entirely different songs.

Then of course, it was THE band. Lucero. Need I say more!


The show was great of course. Camera wise, I fought with that light up there the entire night. And yes, we were front row, of course- with no room to move.  These two are always fun to watch. Brian did something that cracked Ben up. Watching those two is always fun when they are like that- Brian played dumb of course.  . . And then acted like he didn’t know the next song which I’m sure he’s played close to 15 years.

Lucero's Ben Nichols and Brian Venable Lucero's Ben Nichols and Brian Venable Lucero's Ben Nichols and Brian Venable Lucero's Ben Nichols and Brian Venable

This was a fun shot with a back-story. Lorraine (Check her out here on Instagram and here on Flickr) is another big Lucero fan. She posted a shot similar to this one with a caption about how Ben was thinking about what song to play to make her cry. . . and when I saw this shot, I immediately thought of her. I had to post it to let her know he was either wanted to cry because she stayed up north or pondering what to play to make her cry again. It’s funny how you make connections through with people who live halfway across the country.

Ben Nichols and Rick Steff, Lucero

More Pictures from the sold-out Concert

Lucero is always so good! I’ve decided the only way to see them is knowing when you’re going to see them again. This concert solidified the fact that we want to go to all four Texas shows in March.

Sunday, we walked down to the Historic Arkansas Museum. Where this one wouldn’t behave. He pulled the tree limb down just to put it between me & him. And then when he quit he still wasn’t really looking at me.

20141221_38_AmyAnneJenkins_Copyright 20141221_39_AmyAnneJenkins_Copyright

A few more from that museum:

We walked back to the River Market District, ate, and then waited for the cable car. As we waited I took this picture of the two of us- always looking for reflections. This one cracks me up. It’s all about perspective. From the height where my eyes were, we looked much more normal. But, not so much from where the camera was sitting apparently. The Cable Car got there right after I took these and I didn’t have time to realize how “fun house” these shots were, well off take some more.

Cody and I Fun House Style

More from our walking around spread over the three days:

Telephone Booth

Of course, some of these shots were do-over’s from our last trip. . .  when I was bummed about my broken camera and being relegated to my old dSLR.


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