It’s no secret I love Instagram. Instagram has become my news source of choice- it keeps me informed. I thought I’d share a quick funny that’s actually becoming more and more true for me.

Instagram News Source-Instagram Uses

Do you watch the news? I don’t. You’re not going to get the full story ever- Listen to that Show Me State gal coming through. Being in a small town, our local news is, well, small town. And then it’s depressing. Just Whatever. But I do get glimpses of the news through various sources. I don’t believe most of what I read on Facebook though it’s so filled with political mumbo jumbo these days and polar opposites- sometimes the Facebook that was set-up to bring people together seems it’s only exaggerates and worsens the great divide among us. Instagram on the other hand, for me has become a trusted source of news. I’ve found out about quite a few happenings pretty quickly through Instagram (probably as quickly as Twitter- but I can’t keep up with Twitter that well. I think I’m just more visual). And- probably more realistically than I’d ever get on the news. Sometimes I feel like it’s a more trusted news source- I know, I know.  It is more worldly since I don’t just follow folks in our little small town. The key to using Instagram a News Source, I think is to follow a variety of people in a variety of places. 

Anyway, the funny. . . .

Instagram Uses: The Instagram News Source of Now Story

So, last night was Cody TV night- it’s the night he’s pretty well flooded with shows he wants to watch and I give him free reign. The night I most often make other plans for my evening. So, last night he sets in to watch WWE and they’re re-showing stuff from the pay-per-view the night before. When I asked him about it he said, “apparently there’s a blizzard up north.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I know. Instagram told me.”

Seriously, y’all. That’s the way it’s getting to be around here. At that point I’d seen orders to people to stop driving, an airport, and some of the streets. And I began to share pictures and who posted them etc with Cody. (Talking about one music lover, photographer I follow as if I knew her of course- @lcs_photos doesn’t know it but we’re on a first name basis. LOL! is weird like that.) This morning I had videos of what it was like last night in my Instagram feed. We’ve become a culture that shares our experience with news happening through social media.

Have you had a similar experience? 

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