Sunday, for Amy Lynn’s birthday, we went out to eat- and watched her consume bowls of green sauce with her chips. (I might have promised we could make some when she comes to our house. Something tells me I’d better have the avocados at the ready.) Then, because you know these girls have their Aunt and Uncle wrapped around their fingers, we got roped into going to the arboretum with them where their Mom and Dad had planned to let them ride bikes. While the girls were learning to ride on easy street, or at least on pavement, we were all busy chasing them around in circles. (Well, except Billy, who just lagged behind pushing Emma in the stroller- smart man.)

Learning to Ride on Easy Street

These girls live down a dirt road- let me tell you that dirt roads aren’t the easiest things to learn on- especially when your training wheels get high-centered in the ruts. So this was something new for the girls.


She’s such a silly thing. She was undaunted until she started to actually ride. First up was a downward hill of course. One thing about dirt, its a little softer fall and I think she worried what it would be like to fall.

And this one. . . Well, Daddy let Amy Lynn ride with us from the restaurant to the Arboretum (It took us longer to get the booster from the truck to the car than it took us to get from one place to another. . .). But, Daddy didn’t get her car seat out of the truck so she could ride too. She was just a wee bit perturbed at all four of us adults.


She wanted nothing to do with me- at all- of course, I just kept taking pictures. Just look at her standing on one foot and those arms. This girl cracks me up with the way her emotions come through her body language loud and clear- always has.

Right after this, she walked away from her Uncle Cody- unheard of. But, then of course, Uncle Cody couldn’t stand that. . .


And this happened. He rode it right on down the hill while Billy reminded him of his shoulder surgery. He’ll never stop being a kid.

It took a little getting to get over to the other side of the arboretum. Amy Lynn refused to ride her bike over the bridge. It really freaked her out. We’ve all been there- where we get freaked out by something that we shouldn’t be.


Coming back, she did ride over the bridge and she was so proud of herself (And the next thing I knew, she was really taking chances- until she hit the gravel dirt mix and got stuck. Thank goodness because she is a Whitworth after all and they are so prone to ER visits.)

It made me think about which paths we choose to learn on. Is there ever really a fully easy street?


Which path do you choose to learn on?


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