Yesterday, I mentioned the sun finally came out. This morning it’s hiding and I keep waiting on it to come back out. But, it was out all weekend long.

Despite having a headache all weekend, I was determined to enjoy it- especially because we already had made some plans for the weekend. It was a weekend under the sun amongst the pine trees out on caliche and dirt roads.

Sunday, we went out to the deer lease after going to the movies (we saw American Sniper). Beautiful that kinda fooled us. Well, really it was just Texas weather. As Cody said, Sunday morning when he went to church it was freezing temps but it was in the 60’s when he left. Well, that evening, the temps dropped just about as fast. But, that didn’t stop us- Cody had game cameras to check after all. He hadn’t checked them in two weeks- gasp!

Sunshine on the caliche road

Okay, so we live in East Texas- They call this a white-top road. We call it caliche and smile- because that’s what it really is. There are a few stretches of this road that always make me think of hunting out in Campwood- until I look off to the side and see the pines instead of cedars and cactus.


His “need” to check his game cameras meant I got to play some more with my new lens.



Thankfully, I stuck to fungi pics instead of wildlife shots. . . there was a pack of coyotes not too far from us. It’s not unusual- we often hear them in the mornings during when we’re turkey hunting. But, these were pretty close. Cody laughed later saying he thought I would have come to find him sooner. . . I didn’t know he had his pistol though. . . so I didn’t think he’d have been much help. But, I do know the combo to get in the stand- just in case.


Then yesterday, we headed out that way again. Well, sorta. We went out to see Billy, Mandy, the girls. The deer lease actually isn’t far from their house (in fact, if we were willing to trespass, we could drive from one to the other).

I didn’t get to see much of Emma Ruth and didn’t get any pictures of her. Because, of course, there were two certain girls who wanted all the attention they could get. And, I was cool with that. We read some of the Beatrix Potter books I’d gotten them. (A set of 23- the small books like they are supposed to be.) Amy Lynn and I laughed as Callie Grace had to show us all the pictures in the Tale of Two Bad Mice. It’s is a favorite of mine- it’s pretty funny. But, Amy Lynn and I got tickled at her rather than aggravated that she wouldn’t let me read the book I was reading to Amy Lynn. It was pretty funny and of course, I wound up reading that one too.


I can’t tell you how many pictures I got with this face later that afternoon. Ask this one about “her” tree. They’re having timber cut on their place but her dad had to specially mark one tree by their yard that was not to be cut because Amy Lynn said it was her favorite.

Cody actually got on the trampoline with them but I didn’t get any pictures except on his phone. Callie Grace actually got out, zipped the net back up, and than sat at the zipper making sure Cody didn’t escape. Hmm. . . . . Amy Lynn later got him to pretend he was ordering from her in the playhouse. He tried to order off the wall stuff but she didn’t bat an eye.


Who do you think had the most fun?


They road bikes up the dirt drive and then on the dirt road- begging us to go to their grandparents at the end of the dirt road. We didn’t quite go for it. (Sounds like a good way to have to carry a couple of girls back.) We spent almost the entire afternoon outside with the girls.


Just look at Amy Lynn’s get-up!


And this one. Well, Billy and Cody took us gals to see where the timber crew had gotten the skidder stuck in the creek. She is fearless out there in those woods. Billy laughed as she wandered out of sight- she’ll do that but apparently in the past month has become scared of the dark. It was all we could do to keep her out of the creek. 

And, then, well, never leave Cody alone with the girls. He buried Callie Grace in pine straw (like you would do in the sand). And then Amy Lynn had to join them.




Needless to say, we left two very filthy and tired girls by the time we headed home. But the day was spent with so much laughter. Children are the real sunshine in life.



The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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