Today, I go back to work full time. Before I did, I knew I wanted a day to spend with Cody- and if I were going to get said day, I knew we had to get out of dodge. The plan first began developing as Cody was turkey hunting down south. He saw Bluebonnets and we thought we might go see some more. . . that “narrowed down the potential places within a day trip maybe in half? I don’t know- this is Texas. So, we started looking for a path for our Journey instead of the destination- well sorta.

Just Getting Out- The Journey more than the Destination “Trip to Giddings”

The night before, I spread out part of a Texas Map (the part within driving distance for this little adventure. I covered Cody’s eyes and he picked a place. . . We didn’t like that answer. So he stared at the map before we tried again. Yup, he stared at Nacogdoches and of course managed to land right here when we did it again- he wasn’t fooling me. Not gonna happen buster. So, then I turned to the Travel Guide and started reading. . . Cody hates when I do that- but he had to pay, right? No, really I was trying to figure out some sorta plan.

Giddings- the Lutheran Painted church there and the Wendish Museum (for which I’ve seen signs for nearly my entire life sounded interesting.) So, we decided to head out that way. . . . if we made it cool. If not, oh well.

We got a late start. We enjoyed the old “plaque-red” houses as Cody called them- hazardous material he said. (Maybe it’s placard, but I like plaque-red since these homes bore the historical plaques. The DOT man wasn’t even sure how to spell it.) We got stuck in traffic and I took a few pics. Needless to say, by the time we reached Washington on the Brazos we were ready to get out and walk a bit. So we did.

And there were a few bluebonnets to take pictures of- not like I remember- here at Texas Birthplace- where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed.

Giddings-Bluebonnet-Trip-20150327_DSC_0843 Giddings-Bluebonnet-Trip-20150327_DSC_0857

We were told about where the Navasota and Brazos met here- in the only part of the park that has a water view. The muddy part- well, you might have guessed it if you’ve ever seen the Brazos River- that’s the Brazos. And the other part- that’s the Navasota. . . while this is where they meet, they still don’t mingle. . . kinda like oil and water.


The same old phenomenon happened here- Cody took a picture of a couple of friends that were there. . . and they didn’t reciprocate. Oh well, thank goodness for shadows.


And then we took the short nature trail back to the car- after all, it was getting late and Giddings was still quite a ways a way.


While I wasn’t thrilled with my bluebonnet pictures, I did like this shot. . . I think I needed to capture the blue skies with the bluebonnets but I never went back to do it.

And then there was this. . . and you know I had to stop. It’s not often you catch any sort of fungi with blue sky too!


Despite the fact that he was the one who even pointed it out to me, he decided to take a picture of me taking pictures and give me a hard time about it on Instagram. . . of course I had to give him instructions when I stopped taking fungi pics.


Then, well, we were warm. . . and we had to drive through Brenham. . . what’s in Brenham? The Blue Bell Creamery of course- with their store. We stopped and enjoyed two huge scoops of ice cream a piece. (We had to of course- couldn’t put just $2 on plastic- well, I’m assuming. . . I didn’t ask and I don’t want to know. So, for $4 we stuffed ourselves with ice cream. It pretty well was our dinner too.) That was well after 3:00. . . so you can guess what time we got to Giddings- the church wasn’t opened and the museum was just too close to closing. But, we did find it.


Oh look, this must have had hazardous materials too- look at that historical (or hysterical as I usually pronounce it) marker/ plaque.

We were just fine with not going getting to see anything at our “destination” because it was really all about the journey- about picking a direction to go in in the vast state filled with opportunities for adventure. It was a beautiful drive, the weather was great, and the company was so much fun!

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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