One day last month, Cody and I were looking for something to do. We wanted to go on a little road trip but didn’t want to go far- and we didn’t want to spend much. So, as it seems we are prone to do quite often, the choice was to go get a slice pie. Only this pie is well over an hour away. So we headed out to Palestine and the Oxbow Bakery.

The Oxbow Bakery isn’t just any bakery. It’s the next best thing to me making a pie- and it’s much easier. Cody and I were pretty confident that this time we’d left early enough I would be able to get some chocolate pie. This place sells out all the time. In fact I think David, one of the owners, said they sold 300 pies in less than an hour the day the opened before Thanksgiving. The yummy little pie place (they also have a few cakes) is only open Thursday through Saturday.

I tried so hard to get some really cool pictures inside with Cody in them. . . . Cody didn’t cooperate. (What’s new! Grr!)

Most of the time, we just head on back. But, this time I wanted to see a few of the sites. So we walked over to the old courthouse and the town square. I wish you could have heard Cody when I first said I wanted to go see the courthouse. He scoffed at me- he’d been there many time before for work.

But once we got in there, he did tell me a little about both his days working there and what he liked about the building itself. It had this staircase that I was in love with. And the marble, oh my goodness. The entire winding staircase and walls had marble on the floor and up to chair-rail height.

And then we went downtown to do a little wondering and antiquing.

Remember when I said Cody wouldn’t cooperate with the pictures?

So we wandered around and I managed to wander right in Duncan Depot Antiques. The dogwoods on their sign drew me in but then Cody laughed. It seems I’d walked right into his old college pal’s wife’s mom’s store. (Yikes that’s a mouthful.) And let me tell you, it was chocked full of good stuff. Of course, he figured out why his old college roommate hadn’t texted him back when Cody had tried to see if he wanted to hook up- he was in Mexico. That’s a little too far to meet up.

All-in-all, we had a great little outing. Nothing super special yet everything special- just some easy going time just the two of us on yet another crazy pie run.

Do you have anything crazy you and your family like to do just because? The types of things people look at you like “huh?“?

PS In case you were wondering- all of these pictures were shot with Lightroom CC Mobile in Camera Raw on my iPhone and then edited in Lightroom too.

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