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My Camera Gear

My Camera Gear

The camera:

  • Nikon V1 (This camera is discontinued as it was replaced with the V2)
  • The lenses:

  • Nikon 1  10-30mm f/3.5-5.6
  • Nikon 1  10 mm f/2.8
  • Nikon 1 30-110 mm f/3.8-5.6
  • Nikon 1 18.5 mm f/1.8
  • My favorite is by far the 18.5 mm.  This camera has a crop factor of 2.7 so that 18.5 mm is much like the 50 mm lens I loved on my dSLR.)


  • Nikon SB-N5
  • Nikon SB-N7
  • More Stuff:

  • White Balance Tool
  • Nikon FT1 Adaptor (this allows me to attach Nikon lenses made for other Nikon cameras, like my old lenses)
  • Nikon 50 mm f/ 1.8
  • Nikon 55-200 mm VR f 4-5.6
  • Nikon GPN-100 Unit (For GPS Information)
  • Eye-Fi Pro X2 16 GB Memory Card and various other memory cards
  • Even More Stuff:

    I also bought some toy lenses that work with the FT1 Adaptor.  Verdict is still out but so far they are really fun. Holga: Nikon LensClose Up LensesMacro LensesFilter holderColor FiltersSoft Surround FiltersSplit Image Filters

  • Lomography Diana Adaptor38 mm50 mm and Close-up (I’ve bought two adaptors and hot glued the Diana lenses to the adaptors)
  • Other Cameras:

    I also use my iPhone as it’s still very handy and sometimes I just can’t carry around my good camera.  (For example, crawling on the ground stalking a turkey with my good camera doesn’t really sound like a good idea.)  And we still have Cody’s Nikon D80. (We gave me D80 to our nephew when I got my new camera.)

    Note: I am simply sharing what I use.  Only you can determine which camera is best for you.  I’ve linked to these items on B&H- I most often buy my camera gear from them or and occasionally on